Somebody hit more homeruns than Hank Aaron

Evidently this happened last night. One interesting thing is how huge the guy that passed Aaron is. He must work out 4-5 hours a day, everyday! Oh well.

The “Somebody” is Barry Bonds and he should have been shot before he desecrated Hank Aaron’s record. Now please don’t tell me that this loser doesn’t use steroids.

Was it ElGuapo? I hate that guy.

Steroids don’t help you hit a little round ball, Racists.

We’re just mad cause he’s breaking a white guy’s record.

Nah, they just make flyball outs go 30 feet longer, magically turning them into homeruns.

Please tell me this is a joke or I might have to revoke my own membership.
Who is this white guy you speak of?

Maybe you were thinking about Roger Maris?
His record was broken a few years ago but that is something else.

Hey didn’t you see this other thread in the EE section…

So I didn’t really have any free will here. I was preordained to misinterpret you since the dawn of time.

Yeah, but he cheated. Big fat fucking cheater.

<Insert Wilt Chamberlain joke>

<Insert ElGuapo joke>

MLB might count this record, but I won’t. Cheater.

Look on the bright side, luckily there is a seemingly clean player who should shatter Bond’s record in about 5-6 years, assuming he stays healthy. I pray he has never done illegal performance enhancing drugs!

Another triumph for humanity.

How can it be racists when the guy he beat is of the same race?

So, just to start an argument, why is using steroids to bulk up more unfair than being born with the right sort of genes to bulk up “naturally”? Why is it worse than matching up a better athlete against a not-so-good one and calling that “fair”? What is the difference between using steroids to change one’s “natural” body into something “unnatural”, versus going on hard-core muscle-building diets and exercise regimens that no sane person would ever put themselves through?

I think referees should be able to bet on games they’re working. I trust them.

10 years after Bonds retires and gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, Pete Rose is going to be very pissed.

That record pretty much seals my acquired disinterest in baseball.

I read an interesting piece arguing Bonds’ great advantage over everyone else wasn’t necessarily the ‘roids but rather all the freakin’ body armor he’s allowed to wear. It lets him really get out over the plate without fear of getting hit, and that lets him get those outside balls that are out of reach for most players. The armor also has other benefits, too, such as adding some support to his elbow.

Unfortunately, that type of armor’s been pretty much banned unless the player has proof of medical need.