Someone explain Twitch to me

As a high-profile streamer, it would be exceedingly difficult to hide that from Epic and dodge getting permabanned again the instant he streams himself playing the game again.

Is that against the rules too? Creating a new account and starting over if you get banned?

Of course it’s against the rules. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be a punishment.

I believe its an IP ban in this case.

Sure it would, you’d have to rebuy any skins and crap you’d bought. Everybody wins!

Yea, but no tournament winnings and fame.

There are people on this very forum who had their WoW accounts banned. They just created a new one and started over from scratch. Why would Blizzard care? I could see being banned from official Tournaments.

What does the dreaded EULA say?

Presumably those people didn’t get banned from WoW for streaming themselves cheating in front of millions of viewers.

But now you’re agreeing with Ninja that there’s a different set of rules for streamers.

Only in that, by being prominent players, they’ve set themselves up to make the consequences for breaking the rules easier to enforce against them.

Put another way, if you get kicked out of your local gym because you caused problems at the basketball court there, word probably won’t get around enough to stop you if you play at another court. If an NBA player gets removed from a team for cheating, they’re never playing in the NBA again.

I don’t follow WoW much. What were the offenses that got these accounts banned?

Speaking as someone who had a WoW account stolen and then banned (back pre-Burning Crusade), no idea. They never told me.

So whats he going to do, put on a fake moustache when he streams to millions of viewers?

“My name is MaZe not FaZe I’m actually his cousin playing a new account for the first time”

I like how you assume there is any correlation between his Twitch account and his game account.

People watching Twitch can see his player name.

So how he’ll have a different name…? Why is that a problem?

He was banned?

It’s not like a regular person who can make up a fake name or use a new email or whatever. He’s literally broadcasting his existence. They’re going to catch him.

If he doesn’t stream it he can play all he likes, just like everyone else. Once he turns that stream on though, he’s announcing his breaking of the rules and they’ll drop the hammer on him. It would be akin to going into the forums of a game where you got banned and telling everyone who you are and your new account name. You’ll get banned again.

Does the EULA say he as a person is banned, or is his account is banned?

Edit - “The nature of the ban means Mr Kaye is not simply able to create a new Fortnite account, as it encompasses his network connection and the hardware upon which he plays.”

Sounds like bullshit to me. I would absolutely get a new “network connection and hardware” (and new account) and dare them to ban me again.

Probably a person since EULAs are generally treated like a contract. He breached the contract.
His account exists only to facilitate him using the service.

The section on cheating is the same as the section on selling illegal copies of the game or reverse engineer it. He is in breach of contract on a service they provide.

Companies view cheating as an attack on their services, which is accurate. Lots of games die because companies don’t deal with the cheaters. So by cheating he attempts to devalue their product.

And they would. So… have fun with that?

Taking the position that cheating in a multiplayer game isn’t a big deal is an interesting hill to die on, but go for it. You wont find many sympathetic players since nearly everyone who plays a multiplayer game, especially a competitive one wants cheaters banned forever. When companies ignore the problem they leave the game and trash said company’s reputation. Rightfully, imo.

Edit: And for apples to apples, cheating nearly killed PubG. Hell, it might have killed it, not many people play the game anymore. If Fortnite lets cheaters cheat… well Apex will enjoy the increase to their playerbase and the money I’m sure.

Personally if I’m playing a game and cheating happens, I’m probably done with that game forever. I might come back months later if people say they fixed it, but probably not. That’s lost revenue. I’m not alone.

A recent survey by security company Irdeto found that 60% of online games were negatively impacted by cheaters and 77% of players said they will stop playing if they think competitors are cheating.

Losing 3/4th of you playerbase is death for your game, probably your company and you’ll likely be unemployed soon. Or you know, you could just let them do it, who cares, right?