Someone explain Twitch to me

That kid Ryan has done what Ninja and these other guys are trying to do - go multimedia. Ryan now has his own show on Nick Jr. that my daughter absolutely loves, where he just plays in these big, goofy, messy sets with assorted people that show up. And they’re good guests too, he’s had Tony Hawk and Dave Grohl on the show.

My kids just missed Ryan, but they were super into the generation that came just before him. If I ever hear HobbyKidsTV again I’m going to jump off a bridge.

It’s a weird thing with kids interests today. My kids got way into this weird ass game called Baldi’s Basics because some YouTuber played it on his channel. It was DanTDM or Stampy or someone like that. This Christmas season I see Baldi’s Basics toys at the store, but like that ship has sailed. That was big in Spring 2019, if you get it to market in winter 2019 the kids have moved on. I think the internet moves too fast for toy companies to keep up.

We’re thankfully past the surprise toy age. My son is into Fortnite (gag) and Sea of Thieves now. My daughter likes Unicorns and Pennywise.

They’re making this all sound like it’s new… like we’ve never seen top celebrities get taken or make very little before when this reminds me a little about TLC’s old story… that a top musical group could somehow make almost nothing and go bankrupt, and then they broke it down where you saw everyone else was making bank.

This sort of thing happens all the time if they’re not careful, so why would streamers be different?

I think that outside of the industry, most people still have no idea just how much top streamers and YT celebs make.

Mixer is celebrating Black History Month by featuring select streaming partners on their spotlight section of the front page for “Black History Month Partner Spotlight”.

They’re currently spotlighting Froggiesarmy (never heard of them because apparently they stream Fortnite).

Happy Black History Month.

How much of an asshole do you have to be for EA to ban you from everything they make?

He dumb.

At least he accepts he fucked up and makes no excuses for it.

Doesn’t that break rule one?

I couldn’t even make it through 60 seconds of that. Not because of the topic, I know it’s satire, but for whatever reason those two’s “acting” just drove me fucking nuts.

It’s a mixed bag. There Civilization parodies are usually pretty good because the acting is minimal.

I hate gun fetishists

I’m pretty sure it’s satire.

Poe’s Law. :)

I don’t think so, not if you watch it until the end. You see the result of these two people work out exactly as you expect, to everyone’s downfall.

Not sure if this “Oofmatic” guy is even a streamer or if this is the right place to put this, but this Oofmatic tweets some shit (I guess he’s known for racist, homophobic, etc. type of content already?) and was dis-invited to the Combo Breaker and removed from FGC. Or something. I don’t really follow fighting games or their communities (and for all I know Combo Breaker, which Google tells me is a Memorial Day thing) might end up being cancelled - though I hope by Memorial Day this COVID-19 stuff is all settled). Anyway, this response is just perfect. Perfectly savage, and I thought worth sharing.

Why couldn’t he write ‘shit’?

It looks like Twitter to me, which I don’t know a ton about, but maybe he was trying to get around if someone had a naughty-word filter set up?

Seeing f*ck is a lot more annoying than seeing “fuck” IMO. Are we doing a bash script or something what’s going on!??!