Someone explain Twitch to me

I’m pretty sure it’s satire.

Poe’s Law. :)

I don’t think so, not if you watch it until the end. You see the result of these two people work out exactly as you expect, to everyone’s downfall.

Not sure if this “Oofmatic” guy is even a streamer or if this is the right place to put this, but this Oofmatic tweets some shit (I guess he’s known for racist, homophobic, etc. type of content already?) and was dis-invited to the Combo Breaker and removed from FGC. Or something. I don’t really follow fighting games or their communities (and for all I know Combo Breaker, which Google tells me is a Memorial Day thing) might end up being cancelled - though I hope by Memorial Day this COVID-19 stuff is all settled). Anyway, this response is just perfect. Perfectly savage, and I thought worth sharing.

Why couldn’t he write ‘shit’?

It looks like Twitter to me, which I don’t know a ton about, but maybe he was trying to get around if someone had a naughty-word filter set up?

Seeing f*ck is a lot more annoying than seeing “fuck” IMO. Are we doing a bash script or something what’s going on!??!

Am I that out of touch with today’s music scene? From that list I recognize Barry Gibb, Halestorm, and Lindsey Stirling.


I know a dozen or so of those. Are you saying you have never stumbled on a video by Die Antwoord? They are… Something different…

Not a single one of their clips I’ve seen is remotely safe for work. Good thing we are all at home I guess?

Halestorm is always fun.

That violinist who started with covers and now plays her own songs and has millions of views on YouTube.

Wait. I got Halestorm confused with someone else…

I suspect you’ve probably heard Puth’s songs a few times and just didn’t recognize him. He had a few very large ones. In fact I should put that in our other topic.

Surprised you’re familiar with Stirling and not Halestorm; the lead was on her (excellent) track Shatter Me

Got you beat! Just onetwo here.

One Republic, because my cousin’s daughter talks about them. I don’t think I’d even recognize their music. Empire of the Sun had a song in a forza I liked.

I recognize a few of them…Bastille had that one hit about Pompeii and then mostly disappeared. Diplo and Die Antwoord I’ve heard of. Pretty sure Joe Jonas is a Jonas Bro. Ellie Goulding had several huuuge pop hits. Everyone’s heard of Mumford and Sons. Biffy Clyro is a terrible Scottish rawk band. Steve Aoki is a huge trance (hack, spit) DJ.

It’s definitely leaning towards the C-list, but there’s a few well-known people there.

Here are a few of the songs people might know from some of these people. Obviously I know you all can Google them. Even if you don’t listen to the radio, you would’ve heard some of these in movies, tvs and commercials, and these are some of their better known songs, although some of these are groups and only one of them is performing for this.

(Radio mix version)

(Paul Walker Song)

fifty shades of grey song

You are right. I know that one. Thanks for the reminder.

I must have skimmed the list too quickly. I do recognize these two!

The Ellie Goulding song I remember was this one: