Someone explain Twitch to me

It’s like grade school and Twitch is the hopeless substitute teacher.

“Simps,” sheeit. Gamers stumbling after big-titty gamer personae on social media is sad, but angry gamers doing the same thing in an antagonistic way, with all the attendant incel terms, is kind of nauseating. I wish they could see themselves from outside.

How long has it been now since Gamergate launched its little blue-balls crusade? Some of these jerk-off artists weren’t even pubescent yet.

I am amazed – in a good way, not some old fart “kids these days” way – that people can make a living playing games and people watch them.

That said, the only guy I usually watch (and after the fact) is Quill18 and I can also tell that so much of it is being “on” and documenting what is happening.

I think of doing this every now and then, but don’t know what I’d do.

Fear not! Our wonderful, and totally not corporate whores, legislative body has got the bestest ideas:

Yep, some gross further copyright abuse nonsense getting stapled on to an unrelated and desperately needed relief bill.

Local guy. I’ve seen him around a lot, he’s nice in person.

There’s all kinds of ridiculous shit in there.

He does strike me as a kind person.

Every now and then I think of getting into YouTube video reviews. But I can play a game for 20 hours, spend a few hours writing the review no one reads, or play the game for 20 hours, spend a lot of hours producing a video no one watches.

What does this even mean? Like if you stream EA’s new game and shit on it, will they say you streamed it illegally and hit you with a felony charge? If I stream Rock Band 4 and sing a song owned by Warner music, will they hit me with a felony charge?

To be safe, you should just turn yourself in now.

I watched a copyright lawyer review the details and it seems less horrible than anticipated, and more aimed at people trying to make money on streaming stuff like ppv events or movies that they don’t have rights to.

But at the same time I don’t think for one second that large companies won’t try to abuse this via dmca type nonsense. So in that regard it’s probably not much different than the current shitshow.

Yeah, I mean, basically all copyright legislation is nominally for good purposes: letting creative people make a living on their work. It’s just that in practice, it often has nothing to do with that and everything to do with letting giant corporations trample over everyone else.

So good.

“Elevate brah!”

So is this an Epic compound or what? It’s reasonable they’d build a $50,000,000 gaming compound, I just don’t know why they’d have people playing LoL there. It should go much better than all the other clan/guild compounds go, at least until the inevitable rapes start.

dunkey popped a gasket and decided to obliterate Twitch and YouTube creators with irony so extreme that it turned into great content for its own sake.

If you’re the type of person who finds streaming to be strange and annoying, it’s worth browsing his videos from the last few weeks.

It’s not Epic as in Epic the company.

I’m streaming tonight for the new year! Catch me before the DMCA algorithm does!

I think it’s much better if you post your channel to here

Ok! Thanks!