Someone explain Twitch to me

Not really the same thing at all, at least in the US. “Call of Duty headshot? Hella yeah, boy! High-five!” versus “Is that softcore porn? They need to speak with you in HR.”

At my work, you can totally watch Twitch, stream Spotify, YouTube, etc. A chick wearing stretchy pants and gasping into a microphone? You’re gonna get written up.

Twitch is basically inappropriate period. Youtube can conceivably be work related, watching information video. It is odd that you guy’s workplace would allow twitch at all.

My boss watches Critical Role in the office. Most of that stuff just isn’t a big deal.

I’m so sorry everyone for linking the article about the new meta on I further skimmed the website and it’s full of vapid esports and streamer d-list drama so much so that I’ve lost all my fucking brain cells.

Since when did “meta” become an acceptable replacement for “trend”?

Fucking kids.

Learn the linguistic meta nub

There is no joy in this world.

There is, you missed the best part of the article:

Meanwhile, their absence and the influx of streamers currently joining the ASMR channel has left Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches free to be ruled by the otters of the Marine Mammal Rescue channel, who are currently the category’s most popular livestream.

What could bring more joy to this world than Sea Otters!

The otter channel is great, thanks!

Amouranth tweeted that the ban has been good for her OnlyFans, with “587 new subs on OF since the ban mere hour or two ago”.

I think this sums it up really. The moment Twitch legitimized hot tub streams, there was a need to generate a new controversy (ie gain attention).

I really wonder what kind of revenue these non-gaming channels generate for Twitch. Certainly in terms of viewership they attract a fraction of the gaming channels. You wonder if they are worth the hassle but maybe they attract high spenders.

A metric fuckton. Onlyfans is the primary income for these streamers by a HUGE margin.

Point in case:

It’s no coincidence that Amouranth boasts about OnlyFans subscribers gained on Twitter after this latest ‘scandal’. Twitch is just cross platform branding.

I don’t think that’s what synth meant. For Twitch, how does the revenue for non-gaming Twitch channels measure up to the revenue for gaming Twitch channels?


I’d guess it’s significant. “Just Chatting” is always the largest category and I suspect they get a lot more interaction on average than the average Fortnite stream.

Of course Just Chatting is an incredibly broad category. It’s not all ASMR and horsemasks. It’s usually just people talking, watching videos or whatever.

Meta has been used to refer to strategy in games for the last few years as opposed to meaning trend or trending.

Using “meta” is the new meta.

It’s a bad and illogical pet peeve of mine but I don’t consider these folks “content creators” (like writers, artists or musicians) and the label bothers me. They’re parasitic to me.

Quick, someone post a reaction video to Rei’s post.

I would like to ironically subscribe to your newsletter.

I expect that few serious entertainers or artists think of what they’re doing as “content”. It carries a heavy implication of assembly line output rather than actual creative work. Even people whose main creative output is churning out gaming podcasts several times a week seem to be offended at the suggestion that they’re mere content creators.

So even though “creator” is a pretty positive term in isolation, “content creator” is more at the level of “extruded product”. When you read it, just sneer a bit and consider it as an insult, and the label should apply just fine.