Someone is knocking on my door

I’m sitting here in the dark, Daniel Morris is downstairs taking care of business, and I get startled by a knock on the door. Who the fuck is that? I’m not to be disturbed! Not now, not ever! They knock again… I peer out. Some dude with strange white hair… man, I didn’t know you could stand that straight… he must be ready to topple over. I guess I’ll go see what the fuck he wants and get rid of him.

I unbolt and unshackle the locks, open the door, and pleasantly greet this man, who immediately says “Where’s Patrick Henry?” What the fuck… how does he know about Patrick Henry? He pushes past me, I say “Hey there!” and turn around, and he’s pointing an old-fashioned pistol at me! I wonder if that thing still works. “Take me to Patrick Henry” he says. I’m tempted to take down this white-haired fuck, but he’s holding that gun like he means it, so I unlatch the basement door and start walking down.

Daniel Morris must have heard the sets of footsteps because he looks startled and upset, and even more so when he sees the gun and him with nothing more than a set of scissors. Then the guy sees Patrick Henry, who while conscious is not in such a good shape, and is horrified and distracted. I and Daniel Morris lunge at him, and BOOM the gun works after all. Down goes Morris with less leg than he had. My uppercut to the old guy’s chin lands and he goes down.

So I truss up the old guy and look over Morris’s injury (whatever, I’m not a goddamned doctor). He’ll probably live. He’s scared, but he’s really pissed at being shot. The old guy begins to rouse and Morris starts into him and Patrick Henry:

“Why don’t you fucking open your eyes? Can’t you see what is happening here? You and your idealism, with which you look down your noses at everyone else. Yeah, so I’m not Patrick fucking Henry. I’m better than that… I’m REAL. I accept reality as it is… I’m brave enough for that. You fucking cowards… I’m here to open your eyes.”

Old man: “Your reality doesn’t look like its doing so well. Idealism doesn’t mean we are blind to reality, it means we establish a goalpost, a means of living that is greater than our reality, a way for reality to achieve something better than itself”.

Morris: "Who are you to say what is greater than your reality? Your reality is everything that you are, everything you’ve become. Your reality is what should be worshipped. What happens when your ideals fail?

Old man: “Then you make new ideals…”

Brian: "Look, guys, guys, you’re killing me here. I’m going to call a hearse for myself in a minute. Idealism is a PART of reality, its not outside of it. The old man is right: its used as a form of guidance for reality.

Morris: “But what happens when your ideals are lost, and they are all you had? Isn’t it better not to have them at all? Who has the right to judge me?”

Brian: “Well, that’s your problem right there. Ideals are never “all you have”. They are the icing on the cake, the skyscraper rising to the sky. The land sits beneath the skyscraper, ready to be used again for another project. All tragedies are temporary, creation always rises again. As for who has the right to judge you, whoever has earned it.”

Brian: “Morris, really, you have to stop taking your failed ideals so seriously. I mean, Patrick Henry?.. that’s just wrong, man. I’m afraid I can’t let us continue with this old man here.”

Morris: “You’re blind! You’re all blind! You’re all so lost in tragic idealism you can’t see reality as it is! I’ll open your eyes one day!”

Ah, Neocons… opening the eyes of the American People, one pair of pliers at a time.

Was that your “person from Porlock?” Muse interrupted, alas!

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Finally, a Koontz post that isn’t full of Unneeded Capitalization.

somebody’s ringing the bell.
So do me a favor and let them in…

Oh…this isn’t a lyric callback thread?

Who can it be knocking at my door?
Make no sound…Tip-toe across the floor
If he hears, he’ll knock all day
I’ll be trapped, and here I’ll have to stay
I’ve done no harm, I keep to myself
There’s nothing wrong with my state of mental health…

Just sayin

What, you think Koontz is faking his Koontzness?

Human identity is a lot more complex than its given credit for. The human will is an exciting mystery to explore.

Big Rod: “Aw, fuck all that. The cock is mightier”.

Answer me this: What is the identity of Cleve Blakemore?

I understand what you’re saying, Bri, both above and with your Patrick Henry posts. To tell the truth, in this case I was just wondering if Sofaer was aware that my “Apache” video wasn’t really of or by me, since some folks never caught on to that. ;)

Any lyric quoting you ever do in the future will be judged against that thread and found wanting, that’s all.

Awww, shucks. blush

A P&R thread that everyone can agree on. I like it.

For the same reason I couldn’t get through this post, I never could finish any Ayn Rand.

Yes, but Koontz is a poor man’s Deputy Dawg.

I think you have a general idea what I’m saying… I doubt it meets my standards for “understanding”. For example, which of your jars holds an answer to my question?

Humans like to be defined. What they do is devise a mental perception of themselves, then try to match their perception in reality. Its really quite silly. What I do is examine humans, and my analysis is that humans are almost never what they say they are. The cause could be many things… maybe they define themselves by what they hope to be, or by what they think society values, or just make a misjudgement.

I propose neglecting to do any of that. Don’t try so hard to be defined… don’t try to be defined at all. Instead explore human identity… uncover it, learn about it… you’ll define yourself along the way. NOTE: a common error is humans trying to avoid being defined… obscurity, murkiness is a common misperception of what this project is all about. Those humans are much worse than ones that simply don’t understand it.

This is really a pretty scary project though. Human definition allows for many things, and not having it puts many things in jeopardy: ethics, morality, even basic human communication a lot of the time. Humans like to say “He is X because he defines himself as X”, and then get to make all judgements based on that. What you really have to do with a human is begin by NOT defining him, and learn as you go. Few humans are willing to do that… humans would rather begin with an ERROR than begin with nothing at all. (This is precisely why I’m right about Cleve Blakemore and so many humans are wrong… my approach allowed me to be correct since I avoided starting errors.)

I address the above concerns by saying that society, that human identity as a whole, is fundamentally GOOD, and that lacking a starting explanation for a human is no objection to them or no great danger to anything else. I have a much more positive outlook on humanity than anyone else I’ve met, even humans who are bright and cheerful… part of the immense irony.

So how have humans met this challenge, this great Postmodern test? So far, by not understanding it. Nice work, ignoramuses. I suppose progress is being made, but never quickly enough for me. For a humanity that constantly tells me they are in “superfast mode”, they act a lot like turtles. Maybe the turtle imagines himself to be a racecar.

I might regret asking, but who is Daniel Morris?

This one. flips Koontz the bird

I am the eggman.

A staunch supporter of Doom 3 and the invasion of Iraq.