Someone posted a really tricky puzzle game here earlier

I think it had something to do with dice?

Man, now that is a tricky game, Jakub.

You’re not talking about that stupid Roses game are you?

Are you talking about a web game or a console game? If it’s a console game, I’d say either Devil Dice or Bombastic.



The roses puzzle seemed pretty simple. I think I guessed it after seeing the first answer. Of course then I got my next guess wrong but that was just a stupid arithmetic mistake.

Has it been stumping people?

Only really dumb ones.

No, actually, IIRC it usually stumps pretty bright people too, but mostly left-brainers - scientific, logical types who don’t think in lofty, fruity ways like right-brained creative-types do. But! Overly left-brained Nancy Boys suck at it, too, because the puzzle is…well, a puzzle requiring a modicum of logicand guys who wear berets and cultivate soul patches don’t dig on them crazy mindbenders, y’know?

The mathematical solution to the puzzle requires a relatively low level of arithmetic, but it requires a large enough sample size to determine the correct equation.

The “the name is important” path to determining the solution is the laziest of artistic cop-outs, completely incomprehensible to anyone high-functioning. I can only assume that it’s some sort of attempt by right-brainers to feel superior for once.

Oh this thread’s got promise, all of a sudden.

/me sues Jakub for being gay

What do you mean by “cop out”?

/me spills hot coffee on Stroker Ace’s cock.

It’s hard to discuss without actually saying what the solution is. But I have doubts that anyone could ever come to the solution the “artistic” way, and I can’t believe that, upon hearing the justification, anyone would find the solution in any way acceptable or satisfactory.

Maybe it’s unsatisfying if you “hear” the justification instead of figuring it out yourself? The same site tells a story of Bill Gates’ supposed encounter with the puzzle and says he took a long time to figure it out, but he & everyone else who did were satisfied with it.

I was a little disappointed that my first guess that matched the first answer I was shown seems to be correct. I think I’d also be considered extremely left brained by any measure. But I think I’d call my guess ‘the artistic way’, since it was primarily based on the name of the puzzle.

Bob’s just mad because when this was posted on planetcrap he didn’t figure it out.

I figured out the answer immediately. Took about five seconds of thought.

So this was posted on PC? I thought I’d seen it before, although I didn’t remember it until I’d looked up the justification for the answer on wikipedia.

Are the color of the dice relevent? The story doesnt seem to imply they are. Nevermind…

After lunch I looked again and got it almost immedatly.