Something Awful forums down!

There’s a whole subforum dedicated to the worst vices of man, populated by hollow shells of human beings chasing fleeting, exotic thrills. And then besides the anime subforum, there’s one for drugs, too.


Hello, you are wellcome.

There are actually some pretty good cache hacks for phpBB. Of course, SA is essentially an own-label forum with wildly, wildly varying quality among the contributors. Wildly.

I have read more, and it seems their codebase has been getting changes from a lone programmer for years for many years. Their current programmer is a voluntary… was.
So the codebase could be a absolute mess, no sane mind can made it sense.
I use the forum often, and it works smooth for me, but I am on a different timezone, so maybe I visit the forum on hours where most users are sleeping.

It seems the forum itself is slowly losing visitors, but thats probably people getting old and the forums being less popular on young people.

Its fun, because people thinks code is eternal, but in practice code rot like a banana in the summer.


This thread has done a great job of outing Qt3 goons. Teiman you must post on completely different subforums than me because I’m sure I’d recognize your writing if I saw it on SA.

Some of us strictly read SA :P (And then in carefully limited forums, because mindscrubs are not free. Well they are, but the side effects, the side effects…)

I don’t post very often there but it’s a great place to go if you want to talk or read more about obscure roguelikes or just want more than what’s generated on QT3. The signal to noise isn’t as high as QT3 but it’s surprisingly close.

I only post on the megathreads of games that interest me. I use the same avatar and my real nick, Tei.

Having a megathread for game helps a lot to follow whats new about a game, and to read random bits.

l33t like JeffK

Fixed, noob.

It’s not just for those reasons, although there is that.

SA has always been quite popular. Even back in the early days, before law enforcement had a better handle on internet crimes, SA used to come up a lot just because of its member numbers. Because it was one of the first really big “anything goes” type boards, it gained a rep (unfairly) for being a supposed gathering place for the types of criminals people thought the internet was helping. Child porn. Rape gangs. Drug trading. Murderers looking for advice on how to commit their crimes, etc. Obviously, SA isn’t meant to be a criminal paradise, but some of this stuff has happened over the years. When you have a zillion members posting, you’re bound to get a few people doing illegal things. This had the unfortunate effect of keeping SA high on various law enforcement watch lists.

More recently, Sean Smith, the information officer killed in the Benghazi embassy attack, was a moderator on SA as well as being an avid EVE Online player. You can imagine how pleased the FBI/CIA was to learn that someone working in a hotspot embassy was a prominent SA member.

Just to be clear, I don’t think SA is any more of a criminal haven than any other place on the 'net. It just happens to have a lot of people posting there, so the odds are good if you’re a law enforcement agency that SA is going to come up a lot.

Are all of them right-wing or littel girls? I don’t see why that has to scare anybody. Except if they have watched too much Fox News. But them they are scared of everything.

Yea, that guy was awesome (I did not knew him, but I have read the news articles about him).

That stuff is still pretty funny, but I’m guessing the Paul Steed and Levelord comics are gonna baffle the hell out of the new generation of netkids.

You have to pay to get an account on SA?

My recollection (it has been awhile) is that you can browse and have an account - you have to paid to get rid of ads and to get certain features (private messages, etc.). Though perhaps it has changed in the past few years.

I don’t know how much read access you can get without paying. Not complete, I think. But you do have to pay to post. Which is of course ridiculous, but that’s an argument we had in like 2006.

The only trolls I want to hear from are the ones who’ve paid $10 for the privilege of putting their shit out there.