Something Awful forums down!

yea, I heard some rumours the waters are dirty again.

Apparently buyout is complete

Yep. All the paperwork’s done, transfer has been made, and lowtax is soon to be permabanned. Jeffrey’s also planning to reverse autobans made during the transitional period and give lowtax’s recent banlist a going over to check for anything that seems illegitimate. And no more ads soon, period, aside from goon ads.

So long, lowtax. Guess we’re never gonna be l33t liek Jeff K. any more.

lowtax, the founder of SA, has passed away.

Ha, I was just pondering whether this merited its own thread, but this is probably the best place for it. Crazy to think about how Something Awful was like an internet petri dish, growing all kinds of things for good and ill that we’re seeing all around us today. I put down my $10 back in the day just so I could browse and watch the Let’s Play forum, and I think it’s fair to say that Twitch wouldn’t be as huge as it is without those Let’s Play videos. No idea what happened with lowtax, or whether his health had been failing, but he was something of a pioneer and I am sorry to hear he’s gone.

Good riddance? SA might have broken ground, but it also created a massive toxic cesspool that still infects every damn corner of the internet and probably will for the rest of our lives. It’s like one of those chan sites but without the child porn or whatever.

wowsa, this was pretty much the most recent post on the SA forum link, as of 5 minutes or so ago. Suicide if to be believed.

An abusive piece of shit right up until the end.

There’s certainly an interesting through-line from Lowtax banning a toxic anime subforum from Something Awful back in the day, to those banned folks creating 4chan, to Qanon, to the January 6th insurrection.

As someone who got absolutely fucked in my divorce and will never be able retire because of it, I’ve considered the gun-in-mouth option many, many times. Like… I worked my whole life for nothing.

But my kids still need me, so I’m putting it off a few more years. RIP Lowtax. I get where his head was at, and it’s super sad he didn’t see a way out. SA was a formative part of my youth and of the internet as we know it, for better or worse.

Anyone who is into anime beyond the age of 17 is immediately suspicious. Each year beyond 17 you’re 5% more likely to be an incel & white supremacist. I’m sure there’s studies out there confirming this~

Replace anime with video games and it reads the same but now maybe you’ll see why it’s a dumb ass thing you just said.

Many studies prove videogames are wholesome and pure. Look at this forum, full of gentlefolk with excellent taste discussing important issues in calm and collected manners.

Notice we have no anime forum. Anime is toxic. This is a true fact I just made up.

Sounds like he wanted to screw over his ex so desperately that he was willing to self-terminate. Been known to happen. Jerkoff.

And, again, credibly accused of domestic violence by at least three romantic partners IIRC, so, you know, not exactly a case of “poor innocent man driven to desperation by the cruel courts.” This was just one final way to hurt these women/kids.

I enjoyed JeffK and Leonard Crabs the lawyer. Too bad about Rich being a piece of shit.

No longer l33t liek Jeff K. :(

Lowtax died.

Overal, not a good person, but he did good things, including helping bring new life to this world.


Should we praise cancer cells for reproducing?