Something Awful/photoshop Friday alternatives?

I’m teaching a unit on digital manipulation to a class of 14-15 year olds and as much as I’d like to suggest that they go to Something Awful to see the whole spectrum of quality that photoshop Friday offers, I’m a bit worried that SA may be slightly inappropriate to steer these kids towards.
Does anyone know of any tamer sites that collect or create these images without the chance of me becoming the target for a few Irate Parents™ at the next P&C meeting?

Worth1000 is probably the ‘friendliest.’ Maybe Fark?

The only other one I can think of offhand is b3ta, but they’re often even cruder. is a shopping site that does a weekly image contest. i am not sure how bad they get but the one winners and moneky prize winners thread i saw wasn’t too bad.

Show us a DVD cover for the worst possible (imaginary) feature-film remake of an (actual) old TV show.

It looks like Worth1000 is what I’m looking for. Thanks heaps, guys.
Just keep an eye on the intarweb folks, plenty of dodgy images are due soon!

You want controversy? Then do what one of our local highschools did and refuse to pull “Brokeback Mountain” from the optional reading list.

If these are intelligent kids (or just kids that can use the internet) they won’t find anything they won’t have seen before at SA. Photoshop Friday would be an awesome teaching tool.

The Worth1000 Pshops (at least the ones ranked at the top) are a much better quality than Something Awful. Those folks have some amazing ability to do nice clean masking and are great with the rubberstamp tool. Also, Something Awful does have links to funny porn reviews (with fairly explicit screenshots) from their main page. I got yelled at on another forum for linking to SA’s main page and inadvertently violating their no-porn policy. How embarrassing.