Something fun or lighthearted to stream/rent?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Tv shows or series would also be welcome.

Can’t go wrong with Parks and Recreation.

If you go this route, skip the first season (it’s only 6 episodes anyway). It’s a good show but I bounced off those early eps so many times before I tried skipping ahead and finally clicked with it.

Counter caveat – start with the season 1 finale. They started getting a handle on their characters by then, the show was funny, and key concepts like The Pit were introduced.

Fair enough. Personally I jumped to… I think episode 6 of season 2? It was literally arbitrary because the thought process was “this has to get better, right?” and I just lunged. So I won’t claim to know the exact optimal starting point, I just know it’s not the first few episodes.

Last weekend, we watched the Wayne’s World movie on HBO Max, that was a perfect dumb fun movie.

A while back I was sick for an extended (months) period of time, and I had awful anxiety and trouble sleeping. While looking for videos to help me sleep, I ran across this:

Now, if you like that vibe at all, he did a live action show for a few years back - the shows are short so you can either binge a season quickly or it can be a little amuse bouche. Looks like adult swim has all the episodes here to watch streaming on their site for free:

That one is a lot of fun. Watched Ghosted the other day, which was also cute, but I think The Lost City was better. Ghosted did have some great cameos as well as different nods to other movies and such.

@jpinard ii will go to bay for Extraordinary as this very thing

I second this, although I don’t think Parks & Rec has aged nearly as well as Community, which is certainly worth watching again with the movie coming… eventually? The writer’s strike will probably delay it.

Poker Face has finally arrived in the UK, and so I can now confirm it is an absolute delight. If you have any fondness for Columbo and / or Natasha Lyonne doing her thing, you will love it.

For something a little more obscure, there was a movie mentioned here a while ago with an incredible premise: a coffee shop’s security camera starts broadcasting footage from two minutes into the future. A low-budget Japanese indie film, it’s funny, the characters are loveable, it is shot in one take (ish), and it stays understandable, more or less, no matter how complex the plot gets. A gem:

Oh, man, I retract all my previous suggestions and vote for Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes instead. So good! And it’s only an hour long, so you can watch it twice :)