Something lost in the translation

According to EgoSoft’s PR guy, the new race in X2 will be…

“Yes, the Khaak are a new race and form the basis of the title “The Threat”.”

Funny, I’ve always known my “Khaak” as “The Threat”. I’ve already called dibs on the name, in fact, along with several others (that I will not divulge here, however).

INGA: He would haff an enormous schwannstucker!

FROEDERICK: (beat) Yes, that goes without saying.

INGA: Woof!

EYE-GOR: He’s going to be very popular!

Khaak is quite close to the german word for “poop.”

Lacking real swears, the Germans have 500 words for crap. No wonder. :D

They just designed a means of defeating message board filters into the language, that’s all. You need heuristic scanning to stop german cursing.