Something screwy happening with Steam

A bunch of games I have installed in a Steam library on a different HD are showing up as “not installed” in Steam. This happening to anyone else? For me, it’s LEGO LotR, Bulletstorm, and Hotline Miami. WTF?

Just install the games at the same place where they were installed before, this should fix it.

It should not download everything again.

As an experiment I did that with Hotline Miami, and it discovered the existing files as you wrote, Zeitgeist. It also seems to have preserved my savegame.

You can also manually edit the files steam use to locate everything, although it might be a bit of a hassle if there are many of them.

Can confirm that all my Steam games–some of which are on different drives–are fine and no change.

I’m going with user error.

My Steam crashed and Civ5 would no longer load. I tried to run the repair off the steam site and poof no more Civ 5.

This all started about a month ago when I noticed a brief Steam update hitting my computer, then Steam and Civ 5 stopped working.

I re-installed Steam and now it won’t let me in because it says I’m running in another instance of Windows. Really?

I don’t know if this is related to the issue I noticed, but yesterday or the day before I got an alert from Steam saying “thanks for participating in the beta which is now over” or something, and saying it had to restart Steam. I said OK (though I don’t remember signing up to be in a beta). Anyone else see that?

I got the beta notification too. The only beta I opted in to was Big Picture, so I assumed it meant that that had become a standard feature.

Unrelated THAT issue but on the topic of Steam being screwy, for some reason my Steam constantly tries to download Star Trek Online and Zombie Driver non-HD version. That seems weird enough, but if I let it fully download them they don’t show as installed in Steam itself, but all the files are on my hard drive and taking up space. As soon as I delete them, Steam tries to download them again. I even tried actually telling Steam to download the games so they showed up as installed in Steam, then deleting them in Steam, but the same thing happens.

Anyone got any idea how to exorcise that demon? Closest solution I’ve found thus far is deleting the files when they show up and then leaving the downloads paused forever in Steam, which mostly works so long as nothing accidentally starts them again.