Something wrong with Suprnova and Torrentreactor?

My Bittorrent client (GoSupernova) hasn’t been able to update its list of torrents for several days now, though I can connect to some of the torrents that were already listed. And I can’t connect to Suprnova or Torrentreactor by either IE or Firefox, though I can connect to at least one minor site (Zcult).

Are others having similar problems?

No, I can connect just fine. Perhaps your ISP is blocking those sites?

Edit: Well, I can connect to Suprnova fine. Can’t connect to Torrentreactor.

Thanks! Now I can keep up with the JLU thread. :D

Now Suprnova are blocking the site. Oh well…

One thing that may be happening is that Suprnova is not allowing downloading of torrents if you don’t have all their ads loaded (like the sidebar).

No doubt, this coincides with their blockage of off-site links like BoB’s Snlite ver2.

Got you you nasty filesharing thieves! :shock:

At least those in California.

Especially those pesky kids …

This bill would provide that a minor who violates these provisions is punishable by a fine not exceeding $250 for a first or 2nd offense and by a fine not exceeding $1,000, imprisonment in a county jail, or by both that fine and imprisonment for a 3rd or subsequent violation.