SomethingAwful person produces stool

So Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka announced this morning he had a bowel movement. It was approximately 11 inches in length (quite slender too) with nice mealy textures. Pics to be posted later.

Posted behind a paywall on the secret hidden forums? Whoop-te-do.

Has anyone actually paid for those forums? It looks like fun but the whole idea of paying for a forum just kinda bothers me…

Brian Rubin: officially not 13 years old.

Brian Rubin: officially not 13 years old.[/quote]
Quite right, I’m 15…

The SA forums are a great place to meet people who think it’s worth $10 to post on a message board full of people who paid $10 to post on a message board.

And potentially pay that same fee several times as you get banned in a pique of moderator rage.

Yeah, I post at SA. I joined after some friends told me I’d love it there. Great forum. It’s brought me a lot of laughs. I’d post there more but the place is just always so busy, and I feel faceless. Having people pay to join really does separate the wheat from the chaff. And for anyone balking at the registration price: the deals you get in SA-mart make it all worth it. Though I do agree the hidden costs of paying another $10 for things like an avatar is ridiculous.

I’ll pay $10 for SA-forums material to stay on SA.

I’ve also paid to join the SA forums, though my only excuse is that I have more money than brains. [size=1](I don’t have that much money either.)[/size]

They have saved me a couple hundred bucks on an LCD monitor by pointing out a one-day sale I would have otherwise missed, though.

Well, if you actually pay attention during the registration process you’ll note that you can give yourself a custom title then for no additional charge.

There is also the ability to buy a custom title for someone else, as punishment for stupidity or as a reward for something clever.

As for the fees, they were started to help defray the costs of the site back during the dry years of the post bust. I just took a quick look at the front page of the forums, there are currently 68,597 people browsing the forums, 3,365 of which are logged in registered users. That’s a lot of bandwidth every day.

I’ll pay $10 for SA-forums material to stay on SA.[/quote]

You play WW2OL, you should be used to shit by now.

I’ve unsubscribed from it, just waiting for the subscription to run out while I play the forum troll game.

The guy in the cube next to mine right now has a paid subscription to the SA forums.

He’s sixteen.

I pay for it and only lurk. Also, as stated it’s a great place to be pointed to deals.

I got registered way before he started charging for it. He didn’t charge existing members, but sometime later I lost interest. I guess my age has something to do with that.