Something's not right

I just turned on my buddy list to find 0 friends online. Other than the personal implications for me and my choices of gaming right now, this means quatoria is not currently playing LoC.

Does anyone know where he lived? Has anyone called 911? I can’t imagine anything non-life threatening would keep him away. He’s been online playing LoC since he was added to my buddy list.

Ha. Best part.

Unless it’s true, of course.

Not to restart the games abbreviation debate, but… what does LoC stand for? Google just gives me Library of Congress when I search for the above abbreviation.

I’m not supposed to know, because I don’t play Steel Battalion, but I think it’s Line of Contact. It’s the subtitle to that new SB game.

LoC = Line of Contact, as in Steel Battalion: Line of Contact.

Beaten by Jobe.


I declare this contest a draw.

I still can’t properly wrap my head around paying some $200 for a game controller. Maybe I should start a thread* about it…

[size=2]* ha ha, NO.[/size]

I’ll tell you what’s not right, people playing anything other than Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on GAMECUBE NINTENDO.

That’s not right at all.


Hey Dave, can you talk about it. I don’t really need a reason to buy it, because the original is one of my top five games of all time, but I was thinking about waiting until I can get it a little cheaper.

Any thoughts? (perhaps in another thread?)

Not a chance that you’ll get it for cheaper. There is no reason for them to sell it for cheaper.

Nevermind, I thought we were still talking Steel Battalion.

Looks like my viral marketing worked! :wink:

Heh… actually, I’m working on a review of the game for GamerDad. So I’d like to save a lot of my impressions for that. Cathcart and I talked about it at length today though via e-mail. He’s a huge fan of the original, I never played it, believe it or not. Well, never played it until last night when I bought the PSX version and got through the Ocelot fight at the beginning that is.

He thinks it’s completely worth it for fans of the original but going to frustrate new players a little bit. I can vouch for the new players part. Anyway, real quick without giving it all away, love the cinematics in Twin Snakes, gameplay has “quirks”.



That’s the one with the backlit screen, right?

No. The one with the backlit screen is the one that sells well. Gamecube is the ugly stepsister.