Sometimes I really despise this country

Our glorious government has had a brainwave.

In order to alleviate over-crowding in our prisons the honourable judge Desai has decided to parole inmates who are serving life sentences after only 15 years. Do you know what you have to do in this country to qualify for a life sentence? How do you decide if a murder is serious : “Ha, Ha, he just raped and tortured your 15 yearold daughter for 18 hours before killing her, he was just joking. Ha. Ha. Funny joke, hey?”

Now this in a country where violent crime has reached ungodly proportions. It’s not enough for criminals to just rob you around here, they generally rape your wife and torture you just for shits and giggles these days.

CHrist, such a beautiful country and the apes in charge just can’t fuck us over enough.

Our minister of law and order phrased it nicely “Those of you who are whining about crime should just leave the county.” and the rest of the government is crying about a skills shortage. Here is a hint, we aren’t being poached, we are just sick of the way you monkeys are running the country.

Edit : Hint : In order to stop over crowding, why don’t we take murderers to the back of the police station, make them kneel over a big hole in the ground and apply some lead therapy.

that’s why our country still has the death penalty

A very humane suggestion. Not that I’m really informed on the matter, but aren’t there a lot of black people in prison with false and/or inflated sentences? I can’t come up with sources worth shit, but those states who have really, really strict laws regarding narcotics possession are sure to have quite a few “ordinary” people locked up.

Maybe they’re pardoning people who got life for growing their own? Here in the UK, that’s not even illegal these days. Of course, if they’re releasing murderers and rapists into the streets, then I fully understand your stance. But somehow I doubt even your administration would be so useless. I suppose they’ve released people with uncertain sentence, or inflated narcotics related sentences.

You got any information on who they’ve let loose?

Erlend, were you talking to me (USA) or to Brendan (South Africa)?

Brilliant piece of idiocy there. Really sorry.

DISREGARD POST! I’m off to grow a brain.

(Although, considering he’s from South Africa, I suppose there are still a fair number of black people with inflated sentences …)

I have to agree with Brendan, this is probobly one of the most retarded thing a country can do.

Then again, I never got the whole “Life in prison” sentence. Just kill them in a few years after they get thier butt stretched out a bit.

And the whole “Those of you who are whining about crime should just leave the county.” …classic. It’s like having a guy stand in Time Square and scream (with a megaphone) “I’m Ipotent!”

Prison officials like to let out people who are old and dying. It saves obscene amounts of money, it makes them look slightly compassionate* and those folks have little opportunity to reoffend.

*While at the same time illustrating the point that a life sentence means you will die in prison unless the state decides that you would be too comfortable that way, and that they would prefer you die homeless.

I don’t think you have any real understanding of just how bad violent crime is in South Africa…

Nobody tell him, let him read about it. It’s creepier to just learn about it without commentary.

Is anyone else slightly creeped out reading this?

Yeah me.

It’s really something people don’t talk about in polite company, sub-Saharan Africa. Aside from anti-AIDS workers and non-profits.

When these countries were conquered (colonized!) by Europeans, the native peoples were killed, abused, and went to forced labor camps. What little resources they had were taken. But the governments were well run outside of that.

When the governemnt was given back to the native people, almost every single country went to hell, with tribal warfare, genocide, corruption, and staggering crime. South Africa is the jewel of southern Africa, with only possibly Nigeria as its rival.

So what would have happened to Africa if the white man hadn’t conquered it? Would it have evolved differently? Certainly someone has asked this tough question and written a book on it.

Because as is, Africa is just a place to stay the hell away from and give aid to. I personally haven’t been to South Africa, but aside from the extremely prevalent and violent crime, I’ve heard it’s beautiful and friendly place (I know that seems to be a joke, but it’s not).

I was creeped out myself, SK, by the language used. However it turns out the particular judge who’s putting this proposition forth is Indian and not African. And not much of a swell guy to judge from the high profile rape case he had against him in India (while a sitting judge, no less).

So I decided to just not comment for now.

I actually looked into prison and prisoner ratios once (don’t ask) and was very surprised to find the severe shortage of prison space. Apparently the issue is this: no one wants a prison in their backyard.

Some parts of it are nice. But you don’t want to be hanging out in downtown Johannesburg. Seriously, it looks like the set of Escape from New York.

Clearly the solution isn’t long-term planning to reduce crime rates and building more prisons - it’s extrajudicial executions.

That wasn’t very nice.

You’re a creationist now?


Yeah, it’s much more palatable when the racist is white.

It would have been different if the europeans hadn’t colonized it, sure. It would also be pretty different if the former colonists hadn’t stimulated the various conflicts in order to keep the continent in perpetual disorder, the easier to move multinationals in there, build little slave armies and sap the resources as quickly as possible.

I’m also pretty sure the various African states would have fared a lot better if the borders were redrawn (most borders now are fairly similar to the borders set up by the Europeans, and they are what sparked the tribal conflict in the first place) and if the countries were easied into independence rather than being dropped hot potatoes in the fifties and sixties.