German license plates are one of my favourite things about living in this country. Their registration plates are made up of a combination of 1-3 letters for the town’s name, such as F for Frankfurt and CO for Coburg, followed by two more letters and then a number. Unlike boring old England, where they go to great lengths to avoid any rude words being displayed on cars at all, the Germans don’t seem to mind what combination appears (although I suspect NAZI might just push them too far).

Just north of here is the town of Sonnenburg, and that has the registration letter SON. I walk past one of the cars from that town every day, and I thought at least one person on this forum would like to see this picture I took of it this afternoon :D.

Because I have a puerile sense of humour, I am making a photo collection of all the rude German signs, license plates, company names. When I was in Esslingen last month I came across a sign for DICK, and on the way out of Stuttgart on the train was a company called A.S.S. There’s a local company driving around this town that I’ve spied a couple of times, unfortunately without my camera, who have the name of their company plastered on the side in huge letters: WANK. Coburg’s license plates themselves offer some fun too ;).

<Pauline Hanson> Please Explain ? </Pauline Hanson>

Clearly, Ben Sones has a secret place in Germany, where he runs sex clubs. Does his wife know this?

She only found out because the video store called about an overdue tape.



For at least a year all the new License plates in WI had the name “BUB” in them. 303-BUB, etc.,

I seriously considered “losing” my plate just to get a free personalized plate. I didn’t do it though. Much to my regret.

She only found out because the video store called about an overdue tape.[/quote]

Ha! I am vindicated.

My mathematics advisor got a “personalized” license plate once for free. He looked through the license plates that were available until he found a plate that featured a five digit prime number. He was aided by his dot matrix printout book of primes.