Song lyrics

So how does one pin down a song lyric one hears on the radio but is unable to source (THANK YOU MR DJ)? Those things always drive me crazy, and lyrics search engines turned up by Google seem pretty inept.

Like right now, I have that “give it up, son, doing it my way” song and that song where the guy is saying how he’d dump the girl except for the way she fucks (except it’s bleeped out) stuck in my head. Not because I love them, but because my brain hates me. I thought either one would have been by Seether cause of the way they sound, but I am wrong so far.

All my radio saavy friends are away right now…help me to pillage itunes!

It is Seether.

Google’s been good enough for me for finding lyrics, but you do sometimes have to experiment with different words or shorter bits of lines. Having “lyrics” as one of the search words usually helps.

Holy shit, you’re right. That’s awesome. 1/2 the mission accomplished! Thanks a million. You’d be surprised the anguish this causes me…I blame the formerly mandatory anthrax vaccine for my memory loss. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

There used to be a lot of very good song lyric search engines on the web, but the RIAA shut each of them down for copyright infringement, even those hosted overseas such as

I stopped buying music for a while after that because without those lyric search engines, I didn’t know what to buy.

Google just rocked it with a simple “lyrics” “song” addition at the beginning of the query…contestant number two was Buckcherry. Fuck yeah!

It really is the miracle of the internet that these songs were already on my ipod, unbeknownst to me.

I’d be laughing my ass off at you, except… I’ve already done the exact same thing. :(

Except for the whole “made a thread” about it part. :)

I’m not proud of myself, but it really does drive me nuts. There would have been boots coughing up blood after tomorrow’s PT if I hadn’t tied up this loose end.

What can I say? They’re catchy in a Nickelback kind of way…

LK- My super secret weapon against those Clearchannel motherfuckers is If you heard it on the radio, it’s on that list.

Thanks. I tend to avoid industry websites like Billboard and Rolling Stone as they tend to provoke the same nausea I avoid by not listening to the radio directly. But I’ll give it a shot.

Arrgh…eyeballs bleeding…ohgod…

Hold your mobile up to the radio, they text back the song title, artist and a bunch of links to cd, ringtones etc.

UK version has been around for a while and seems to work pretty well

Seether, Buckcherry, and Nickelback - oh my!