Song Summoner - FFT for ipods

I grabbed this off itunes last night - only $5, and I like the idea of a FFT-lite on my ipod. I didn’t play it much, as I wanted to get back to my real FFTA2, but early thoughts looked pretty positive.

Controlling movement with the clik wheel is pretty simple, as it just cycles through availble squares forwards and backwards. Commands are inputted via a radial dial. Menus work similar to ipod navigation, so nothing tricky there.

It seems like it “analyzes” a song you choose to make the trooper you deploy. There’s 5 possible classes: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Monk and uh…Thief? Don’t recall as I was busy clicking through the tutorial. I’m not sure if it actually analyzes anything, or just randomly creates a char so you think it’s being analyzed. I think tonight I’ll select the same song a few times to see what it gives me.

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing gave me a Rank D Wooden Archer
Basshunter’s DoTA mix gave me a Rank B Fighter
It also gave me some conditions: “Find me a long song with lots of words”. I suggested Meatloaf’s I Would do Anything For Love, but the guy didn’t like it and refused to make a trooper from it.

Barely scratching the game though, it seems interesting enough with tactical battles. $5 on ipod = win.

I must be a big engineering nerd, because I saw FFT and thought Fast Fourier Transform.

Why no support for the Phone/Touch? We have what should be the most natural platform, but no support for it?

Probably because greenlight/development started before the iPhone was even announced.

The original iPod development platform is not OS X and has nothing in common with the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Urgh what. I came to this thread expecting a cool game for the iPhone, but it’s only got iPod support?

Most unfortunate.

Man what the hell. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was on the iPhone. Lame ass.

I still have my 5th gen Ipod, so I picked it up. I got no further than Chowhound thanks to all manners of havoc running amok in my household (we’re having the kitchen and bathroom painted). But the first fight seems to indicate that the Ipod click wheel is a perfect match for S-RPG turn-based combat systems.

I’ll know more once I make it a little deeper into the game and will report back but it definitely seems worth the five bucks so far…

Yeah, me too. My second thought was that the iPod is probably pretty good at FFTs already due to all the decoding.


How utterly out of the blue.