Songs of Conquest , sing for me a song of pixely glory. (Early Access)

This arrives in early access on May 10th. I am very much hyped for it.

Aye. I’ve been hyped for it since the original trailer came out years ago. Can’t wait.

Yes I wants this very badly. Day one purchase.

This looks great. Perhaps we can do a Quarter to Three multiplayer game in May.

Some gameplay

Looks (and sounds) amazing.

One of the things I’m most excited about is that the game will have a fully functional level editor right from the very beginning of EA. And one that’s actually designed for players to use. I can’t wait to try it out. I’m curious to see to what degree I can recreate some of my old HoMM2/3 maps and campaigns.

PSA The devs passed along a key to me for this, so I’ll put my thoughts into a video and drop the link here at some point tomorrow when I’ve had some time with it.

35 minutes countdown.

Downloaded and hope to play some later. Really excited for this one!

Thanks for posting. I will definitely watch this later with a glass of Scotch in hand to toast you properly, laddie


Though, the irony is I’m more a whisky guy myself - scotch and I haven’t gotten on well since my 21st birthday. :) But Whisky_Lufkin wasn’t really the joke, so here we are.

My favorite whisky so far is Old Camp Peach Pecan. So freaking smooth.

isn’t Scotch a type of Whiskey though?

It could be - but for whatever reason, drinking scotch (well, the ones I’ve tried) always remind me of that fateful night when I returned almost a full bottle of J&B Rare to the open sky… in my buddy’s guest bedroom. It’s been over 25 years and the last time I had a scotch (on the rocks!) I was instantly reminded of that night.

Whiskey, at least the smooth/flavored ones I have been enjoying the last year or so, go down really nice and whether blended with a bit of Dr. Pepper or Coke, or even just a splash of warm water to open them up, I can sip and enjoy that quite a bit. So there is some difference, but I couldn’t tell you what.

I played through the first map of the first campaign and, as expected, it was pretty easy with lots of tutorial advice. After that, I started a large,128/128 6 player skirmish map and it’s much, much harder so far. I wanted to see the game without all the handholding.

I have 2 towns now but still haven’t been able to completely break out of my starting area. The troops guarding the last neighboring areas are pretty nasty and I’m going to need to have my towns generate some more troops for sure in order to take them out. It’s tough because you have a fairly small troop stack size limit, unlike HOMM. And your heroes start off only having room for 3 stacks of troops. Add to that the fact that you really don’t have any offensive spells, at least to start with, and lets just say it’s challenging. Which is not a bad thing.

It definitely has some heavy HOMM vibes but there are a lot of differences too. I like it but need a lot more play time to tell exactly how good it’s really going to be.

Me and my Laphroaig are ready for some Lufkinsplainin.


I just completed that first mission too. Oddly for a game like this where I like to jump to the skirmish quickly too I think I’ll stick with the campaign for awhile. I was always a little worried that visual style wouldn’t be as good as it looked in screenshots, but it really is just oozing with style. Everything feels very solid so far and I love how fast the battles are along with the addition of height to HoMM style battles. And they didn’t fall into the trap of making the battle maps too big!

Haha awesome!!

I’m starting to worry that I’m entering some sort of jaded period with games, as this is maybe the fifth straight new game I’ve tried where I just can’t find the hook. This feels like HOMM3 with a few new ideas, but nothing to make me think I want to spend $30 on it. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just become a curmudgeon.