Sonic demo on live (it's terrible!)

Wow is it bad. Sega just needs to stop with these games already. The graphics are meh, the camera is awfull, the controls are no good, and there’s tons of falling to your death for stupid reasons. Wow, I mean it’s really really bad.

Maybe the Wii game will turn out better than the 360/PS3 one?

It’s true. Bad, bad, bad.

Yeah, I just tried it and it’s painful. I really don’t see the point of suspending these roads in space hundreds of feet above ground level.

The last Sonic game they got right was, surprisingly, Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. The first one was pretty great, too. Ever since then, they’ve just been plain garbage.

I really dug Sonic Rush on DS, the new boost button and trick system was a real nice inclusion, and the levels had a great flow, minus the occasional pit or three-dee boss fight. For me the last Sonic game I heartilly enjoyed previous to that was Sonic 2 Genesis.

The Dreamcast games didn’t do much for me, the occasional thrill of being chased by a whale, or grinding vines in a jungle was exhilerating however.

The problem with a 3d sonic has always been the camera and controls for me. They just can’t keep up with sonic and you’ll probably die as you try to navigate tiny ledges or make jumps. The Wii sonic games looks ok, but I still would like to see a 2d sonic with next gen graphics and level design.

An HD, widescreen, 2d sonic would have ROCKED. Why do they even try this shit in 3d? Megaman was smart enough to stay mostly w/ 2d after the 3d shit was… shit… learn from capcom, sega…

Actually the Megaman 3D games were pretty solid. Mostly because they were paced Zelda-ish adventures with ranged lock-on shooting and large environs, instead of you know…jumping over spiked pits and holes to oblivion.

I liked the Sonic “go really fast” type stages in the Sonic Adventure games, but then they bogged it down with stupid slow-moving “adventure” elements. Yawn.

Sonic is all about moving almost too fast to know what you’re doing, then whipping through a loop or series of bumpers or something that makes you say “whoa!” because they came up so fast you hardly realized they were there. Then you go back in the stages and more slowly explore to find all the hidden stuff.

Why do they have to screw with that formula all the time?

Agreed 100%. The concept is so simple. I really don’t understand why they haven’t picked up on that yet. Fuck all the side characters, Fuck all the ancillary stuff, just give me a fast little dude blazing around in cool environments

The side characters (Knuckles and Tails) are fine in the Genesis games, and actually they add a slightly different experience which is a lot of fun. What’s not as good is when they take those characters, who have already shown that they can do most of what Sonic does plus a couple twists of their own, and decide to have you play as them, only one of them’s piloting a mech and the other one is stuck doing degrading manual labor.

Edit: Also Blaze in Sonic Rush was handled well. So having you play as characters other than Sonic isn’t the problem. I think someone should just lie to them and tell them that whatever console they’re developing for can only handle 2d side scrolling.

Played the game last night. I was hoping that this thread was a bit of an exageration but holy crap does this game suck.

What I’m afraid of is that I’m going to have to buy this game for my 7-year-old son, who is pissed that I sold the Xbox and bought a 360 because there are no games on it for him.

No luck with the backwards compat? Get him Lego Star Wars II instead man!

agreed with all above. it’s really bad. the camera’s bad, the gameplay is bad, the controls are bad.