Sonic for the Wii

Has anyone tried out the new sonic game for the Wii. So far the reviews I’ve read have given the game better scores then other recent sonic games. Alot of the reviews mention that the art style is supposely really good, but the camera still has trouble tracking sonic.

Got it, but haven’t sunk much time into it. It starts off real sluggish in that you need to upgrade Sonic all RPG-like to get him controlling more comfortably in terms of steering, jumping, acceleration, and top speed. You level-up constantly, and earn dozens of skills to slot into Sonic’s “ring accessories” as you see fit.

It’s pretty neat otherwise, you are tasked with dozens of mini-challenges for each main level, and appropriate skills help complete them efficiently for completist medals and such. In terms of progression you have a lot of freedom to pick and choose what challenges to do, but that is the extent of the experience. Lots and lots of sifting through menus completing challenges rather than a straightforward progression.

Game looks great though, and the music is pure cheese.

I picked it up when it came out based on some positive reviews and because I was hankering for a new game and the Wii is the only system I currently have hooked up to my TV.

Anyway, its pretty fun. Sometimes the controls are a little frustrating, but I find as time goes on my frustration lessens. Its very straightforward, collect rings, kill enemies, finish levels as quick as possible.

And the music is by far the worst I’ve heard in a game in a long while. And by worst, I mean best, cheesy faux-80’s buttrock.

Just rented this, and while it’s the best 3D sonic yet that has a really good gameplay system at it’s core - it is often frustrating and full of bad gameplay decisions.

I got stuck in the tutorial once (admittedly, because I didn’t read the manual first, but I would suppose a tutorial is there to learn me the controls, not to make me frustrated in the 2nd minute i’m playing it) - and there are ofen little obstacles in the levels that just are annoyingly stupid. I often had to replay levels multiple times because I died at the exact same point, until I was able to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do there.

The controls itself are okay (left/right wiimote steering, and enemy bashing), but the level design and the enemy/object placing are often very slugish, aided by some bad camera placement. Also the voice acting is terrible, the music is supercheese and the mission objectives are often quite retarded (don’t kill any enemies? Collect eggs and put them in the right nest?)

Still, I felt there is a basis for a great game in there - they just need to work some more at the level design and do some serious testing to streamline the levels. When the game is at it’s best (running through a high-speed obstacle course) it’s really very good and satisfying.