Sonic, Mario, other?

With the apparently meh Sonic and Mario at the Olympics game out, I figured it’s a decent time to ask the question. Just which mascot do people prefer, or who’s games?

Admittedly the question is a little loaded if only recent titles are considered, Sonic Adventure 2 and everything after on a console have been below the quality of the older titles(read:shit), though handheld titles have done well enough.

In terms of the mechanics, just what do people like more? Throwing fireballs and jumping on heads? Or running at crazy speeds and impaling things with spikes on your back? Is one character more cool or lame than the other? Who had the better kids shows? Do we like meatballs or chili dogs around here?

So many questions, so few poll choices.

Sonic, cause he’s more “edgy”. Plus, BLAST PROCESSING!

I vote for Bluehair.

Mario has more games that are better.

Sonic has attitude.

Mario has the chubby.

They are both repulsive as mascots, but I find Sonic’s “I’m so hip and edgy” marketing image slightly more annoying than Mario’s “Wahhhooo! It’s-a me Maaario!”, so I guess the plumber is the lesser of two evils.

Just for that, Adree, I’m including Chuck Rock in the next poll.

Good old Bonk.

Crash Bandicoot.


Sonic. My first video game was Sonic 2.

Blast Processing.

Jill of the Jungle is the best.

That was the first game to blow my mind graphics wise.

I prefer Jazz Jackrabbit to Sonic, and I prefer Mario to both of them. Of course, I’m mostly judging by the games here… None of the three have much character development. In practical terms, they have none.

I suppose the Mario franchise is more illustrious at this point, but I really dug Sonic 1.

Back in the day I was a Genesis die hard, but Sonic has been driven into the ground and shat on while Mario gets his mug put on a lot of great games. I’m not even that big a fan of platformers, but when you factor in the Party games and Kart games, not to mention all the arcade sports games, there’s just no contest anymore. What Sonic game has been made in the last 10 years that was even worth mentioning?

The dreamcast Sonic Adventures were pretty good.

Zelda or Metroid > Mario