Sons of Anarchy - Season 5

Holy shit.

That is literally all I can say without getting into spoilers, which I will wait to do until more people have had a chance to watch.

Suffice to say I was kind of curious where the show would go after the events of last season, and at no point in time did I ever imagine they would go where they went in the season premiere so quickly and decisively. Wow.

Is it just me, or does Ron Perlman look physically ill? I know he’s supposed to be for the show, but he actually does look pretty awful. Almost like a deflated balloon.

I think he’s just supposed to, the guys a tremendous actor.

I was going to make a thread for this and completely spaced it, but yeah I watched it and was just floored by it’s horrible awesome sauce. So spicy.

Yeah, I gotta hand it to the shows hair and makeup people, they really do a fantastic job making the actors look the parts. They even made Jimmy Smits look like an aging scumbag, and Jimmy Smits has never been anything less than awesome. =) I think Ron Pearlman is fine, it’s just the combination of makeup, wardrobe and excellent acting that make him look like he’s an inch away from death.

As to the premiere:

Holy Shit!

[spoiler] From damn near the first scene with Smits plugging Gemma from behind while two naked young hotties are passed out nearby I was floored. I was thinking “yeah Jimmy, you go man!” then later Gemma asked about “the Olsen Twins” and Jimmy said “that was all you” and I about did a spit take. This series is packed with little one-off gems like that. Always entertaining.

Poor LeRoy and whatshisname (we barely knew you). That kingpin guy is as serious as a heart attack. When he coldly burned Tigs daughter I was actually sick to my stomach. Poor Tig, lied to by his best friend, then kills an innocent girl, then has to watch as his own daughter is brutally killed. Shit, at least the Kingpin’s daughter died instantly. There is no way Tig doesn’t go completely off the reservation now. As soon as he’s done with the Kingpin guy, he’s coming after Clay. No way he’s not blaming Clay for this shit right now.

I really like how they used Opie to illustrate that everything is coming full circle. Clay has become Piney, Jax is turning into Clay, Tara is sinking into a Gemma-like state, and despite everyone’s best efforts the MC is still going to shit. Now in addition to the prospects being voted in we’ve got extra guys from a folded charter in the mix. That tells me there will be some serious death and destruction on the way since we now have an abundance of redshirts.

Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.[/spoiler]

Second most stupid show on TV. Seriously, it’s held together by so many brutally dumb plot holes, it’s hard to keep a straight face. The Sons want to transport illegal goods? Yes, be sure to do so with a big, noticeable biker parade in front of a white truck. The niners attack the Sons’ transport? Oh, by all means, have a machinegun shootout in the middle of the highway (23,000 bullets and no one gets hit) but please, be sure to drive carefully when fleeing and swerve around all the bikers and their bikes–don’t hit them.

I watch it, because it’s funny and we take a drink for every mention of “play”, family", and of course, bro-hugs. Last season started to look like they were taking the show somewhere, then the writer’s rewound the entire season in the final episode.

I do agree, the dynamic between Clay and Tig should be interesting now. Let’s see if the writers cash in on it.

Seriously? I can think of about a dozen shows that are ridiculous to the point of comedy without even thinking once about SoA.

Unless you watch 3 shows in total and just really hate long hair and beards, I’m going to just assume you’re being overly dramatic for the sake of attention.

It may not be the smartest screenplay on TV, but it’s far from the “second most stupid”. Out of curiosity, what would you rate as the most stupid show on TV?

Despite the plot holes big enough to drive a non-descript white panel truck through, the show has excellent acting, interesting subject matter and a ton of flawed but ultimately well developed characters. Sure, you know this shit isn’t really how motorcycle clubs, even criminal ones, operate, but it’s a guilty pleasure because there is very little like it on basic cable. I’d compare it to The Shield, lots of drama, great acting, but requires some suspension of disbelief to enjoy. What television drama doesn’t really?

Well, you’re close, I only watch BB, Mad Men, Dexter, and Walking Dead (with SOA). Trust me, I wanted to like SOA, I watched it from day 1. It just doesn’t work for me. I understand it works for you, peace.

Yeah, it’s a good guilty pleasure. I have been a motorcycle rider for many years. If the writers would just put some effort into fitting the SOA world within the bounds of reality, I would be happier. So many of the plot points are weak–mama biker struggling with wifey biker over control of the kids’ nap schedule; cops trying to shut down the biker gangs without actually doing anything about it; Jax trying to find his soul, and keep his family safe, while remaining a murderous outlaw; rival gang war, but they all live in suburbia–it would be so simple to ring the doorbell and shoot them…

Oh, and the most stupid show? :) Walking Dead by a long shot. Another guilty pleasure.

I hear ya brother. I’ve been a car driver for many years. If the writers of Roger Corman’s original Death Race 2000 had just put some effort into fitting the movie within the bounds of reality, I would’ve been happier.

Anyways, back to talking about the show we like…

That was a crazy start to the season. I have always liked Kim Coates and this episode just proved why he rocks. I am really am just trying to figure out where this is all going to go.

I’m always amazed that the casting folk for SoA went out and hired a lot of great, older character actors for the show instead of going with a bunch of younger, good looking actors (Jax being the exception). Coates is one of those actors that has been in tv for friggin’ ages. I mean, his imdb resume goes back to Miami Vice, for cryin’ out loud.

I do have to admit that while watching the scene where Clay and Gemma talk in their bedroom this week I turned to my wife and said “they have really nice bedroom furniture for being the leaders of a biker gang”. I mean given how often they like to show the entire cast passed out drunk or getting stoned, then waking up half naked in a pool of their own filth, to have a house full of really nice stuff tastefully arranged and all orderly and claen just seems glaringly out of character.

Anybody catch the brief glimpse of the guys at the end attacking the ex-sheriff? Looked like it might have been the new additions. What’s up with that?

Reminded me of The Name of the Rose :-)

I don’t watch this show, but this story may be of interest to those of you that do. Johnny Lewis kills 81 year old woman, falls to his death.

And holy shit at the third episode. Frak.

Curt Stutter explains that third episode. THE MOST SPOILERS POSSIBLE. Even the title spoiles things, that’s why I’m hyperlinking it. Don’t even hover your cursor over the hyperlink if you don’t want to know what happens in that third episode.

I’ll read the article later, but I’m curious as to what the fuck is going on over there!

EDIT- I used TinyURL to hide the URL title. It’s safe to hover your mouse over it now!

EDIT 2 - That was a lot of not explaining anything.

it was a…troubling…turn of events.

Very much so. :(

I needed a bro-hug in the worst way after watching that scene.

Jax may walk away from this as a bigger hard-ass than Clay now. Everything comes full circle. Clay has become Piney, Tara is turning into Gemma, and now Jax is becoming the opposite of what his dad would have wanted.

Also, what’s up with the new Sons being the ones doing the break-ins? Looks like they were after the records in Clay’s safe. Could Jax’s dad still be alive? Or his brother?

Was that Walton Goggins with boobs and an ass-less leather outfit? How many actors from the shield are we at by now, all of 'em?