Sony and Microsoft, Sitting in a Tree....




When corporate monoliths work together, we all benefit suffer!

The part I don’t get is them calling out imaging sensors from Sony in conjunction with cloud AI. This “gaming partnership” is obviously a cover for SkyNET.

It’s also kind-of weird because companies don’t generally make big deals about memorandums of understanding. They aren’t contracts, and anything can happen as the lawyers and accountants start to put language into place to define the actual relationship.

I suppose this means Microsoft will say something more about this at E3, or else there just wouldn’t be any reason to make this announcement so early.

They even got both CEOs to pose for a photo.

Double intrigue - if this were a big deal for Sony, wouldn’t they have announced it in Japan?

A-N-T-I-T-R-U-S-T-I-N-G! (Not actually.)

Cloud AI is the HK hiding in a cloud about to swoop down and blow you to smithereens.