Sony announces the PlayStation Classic



You might be out of luck now, but you can also pick one up at Shoppers & Pharmaprix for ~40 with their good points promos. Doesn’t look like they have one this weekend. Thursday will be a seniors bonus day.

I did - they went from 130 to nowhere for us.



I agree fully. There were many wonderful games on that platform. And certainly their selection was, largely, poor on this system.

But I maintain that the SNES library was superior, and has aged better. There are exceptions certainly, but early 3D, especially 3D platformers and action games are clunky, ugly, and do not hold up very well.

Symphony of the Night, FF VII (overrated as I feel it is), Suikoden, heck pretty much their entire JRPG category are all still fabulous games. I even, recently, replayed some of them like Xenogears. But others like Spyro, Gex, Tomb Raider, pretty much anything that didn’t use the dual shock just aged terribly in comparison.



Yeah, early 3D didn’t hold up as well as the sprite stuff.

Yeah if they cleaned up the RPGs they would have done well with this but they just didn’t go that route.



As @Gigglemoo pointed out in the bargain thread, this is now $40 at Walmart.



I would buy it for $12.99.



I’m a massive retro guy and I will not buy one at any price. It’s near useless.



I picked one up solely for tinkering. Hopefully Sony understands why this thing failed and doesn’t make the same mistake again.



That’s why I picked one up too. The controllers are useful. They work on PC.

The hacking scene for it isn’t quite ready yet. We can change games & add retroarch with low end usb things. Right now they also get corrupted easily.

I don’t think I’ll be playing many games with it, but I do want to check out whatever this Intelligent Qube is. I’m also looking forward to unloading Persona 1 at the next con-thing in town. That’s probably the most expensive game in my retro collection.



First impression - Reviews were right. Would’ve been disappointed if I had paid full price.



Back on sale. 40 in the states, 50 canada.

MSRP also dropped 50 bucks here, down to 80. They haven’t been moving at my Walmart. There was a big aisle shelf full of them on every row.

Second impression - Put it away after trying Ridge Racer. That & Final Fantasy 7 were urgh. The case is really nice looking. Controllers seem good.

Apparently it can work better than a Retro Pie when modded. Those are ~100 with a nice case. I’m not sure how easy that is, but a bud is coming over tonight and we’ll figure it out. People online seem pretty happy with it after using an external HD +powered USB hub and replacing the emulator.



Let us know the results. I checked out the console’s specs a while back, and on paper it looks less powerful than a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Not sure how feasible this is, but I was thinking about buying one if the price dipped low enough just for the case and controllers, try to replace the guts with a Pi if possible, and run RetroPie on it. Maybe modding the existing hardware is a better way to go then?



My results using a retropie emulator with PS1 games were mixed. So, if this works better for PS1 games, it might be the best portable emulator you can get.



I still have one of these.




The PS Classic has a quad core Arm 35 CPU at 1.5ghz versus the 1.4ghz Arm 53. Arm 35 is a shrink of the 53 so that is a straight upgrade. The PSC also uses a better, powervr based GPU than the Pi has. Not a big upgrade, but it’s there. You do lose the built in wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet a Pi has, though.



Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about PS1 performance using the Retroarch port on the 3B+.



Adding stuff was incredibly easy. 5 minutes!
It’s right up there with the C64 mini: Just add games to a USB stick.

There’s a few options. I used “AutoBleem” because I’m lazy. This handles everything else and gets the games ready in the system along with some cool jewel case cover art. Here’s the video I watched beforehand that goes over some features:

The games I’ve added seem to work well, but haven’t spent much time on it. I’ll be back with an update on the weekend comparing it to my actual discs. My friend was downloading stuff from EmuParadise (I thought that was dead) to try with Retroarch on his. It’s… okay? PSP was mostly terrible.



This is what I’ve got in my first box of PS stuff. Say something if anyone would like to know how one works, otherwise I’ll just play whatever :)

Alundra 1 & 2
Beyond the Beyond
Blast Chamber
Blood Omen
Final Fantasy Origins
Final Fantasy Tactics
Gran Turismo
Grind Session
King’s Field
Legend of Mana
Persona 1 & 2
Star Ocean 2nd Story
Steel Harbinger
Twisted Metal 1 & 2
VR Soccer 96



How does it deal with multi disc games?



Doesn’t this handle poorly with the d-pad controller that comes with the PS Classic? I remember they released the first Dual Shock around the time of Gran Turismo release. In fact, that might have been the killer app for the dual shock.



Being able to use the right dual shock stick for gas and brake was a game changer, and was so awesome for GT. Finally having real control over acceleration and braking is one of the things that made me love the early GTs so much, along with the lowbie cars.