Sony announces the PlayStation Classic


I love Jumping Flash! It’s an odd but awesome little platformer. Of course I’ve still got my old copy, from back when PlayStation games came in those big VCR boxes, but still.


Yeah, to be clear, I’m sure it’s awesome, but it wouldn’t crack the top 50 games that I associate with the PS1, much less 20. But I was pretty out of touch with that generation of consoles, so I may have missed it!


No, I look at that list and it is a pile of uninteresting mostly.

Of course I’ve got my old discs as well so the only game I’d even consider playing? I already have.


They should do the Playstation RPG Classic. The PS Classic but 20 RPGs instead of early installments in series where every iteration is functionally indistinguishable to the next for anyone who isn’t a die-hard fan and who have installments now with faaar better graphics and tech.


No Battle Arena Toshinden, no sale.*

* Haha, no, not really. That was terrible.


Pretty sure you meant to say, “No The Bouncer, no sale!”


They’re saving that for the PS2 Classic.


Wait, was that a PS2 game? My brain thinks of it as a late PS1 brawler.


It was a launch or near launch PS2 brawler.


Yes, definitely a PS2 game. It was Square’s “look what we can do with graphics and FMV on a DVD disc!” showpiece. I kinda doubt this will include stuff like Tobal or Ehrgeiz, SQuare’s PS1 fighters. Bushido Blade could conceivably make the cut.


God the PS1 era is so fucking ugly. As it’s only 20 titles (for 100 bucks, heh), it seems unlikely to me they would do something like include all of FF7-9.

That said, I would consider a PS1 RPG machine. Although I probably wouldn’t buy one.


They should definitely get FF8 and promote the fact that it’s only on PlayStation.


Shattered Soldier is a PS2 game!

I honestly can’t think of much I’d be interested in that I don’t already own (Tomba!, Parasite Eve) and that doesn’t have a modern reissue or remake of some sort (Final Fantasy Tactics, Symphony of the Night, Tactics Ogre).

Not that I’d want to spend $100 for a pile of PSX games anyway, for many of the reasons others have already stated.


Here’s the thing people may not realize: PS1 sold nearly twice as much as the NES, and more than twice as much as the SNES. As much nostalgia as there is for those systems, there is an even larger generation of people who came of age playing PlayStation. This is especially true globally. So if you’re over 35 and don’t get it, imagine all the people five or ten years younger than you who will eat this up.


Oh, I am sure it’s going to sell some units. But 99% of the games on the system are fuck-ugly. Even something like SoTN has some 3d objects in it and they are fuck ugly and stick out badly. There’s a reason lots of people are making games right now with “16-bit style” graphics (or variants thereof), but exactly nobody is making games with Ps1 era graphics. It’s not because nobody got the idea to replicate the look and feel of a PS1 era game. I think the amount of pining that exists for this era remains to be seen.

It’s unfortunate that there are games we’ll probably lose to time unless they make it out on this. I’m surprised they included Wild Arms, since I believe it sold modestly outside of Japan. I doubt it will include Breath of Fire III.


Actually, people are making games with PS1 era graphics. See for example

I agree with you that it’s not an appealing era for graphics, though.


D’oh! Well, nevermind, then. I’ll wait for the PS2 classic.

PS1 has what, only the first Silent Hill? Boo.


Those poor kids. Is there anything we can do to help them?


Vote democrat.


The business model of this device is “fortune cookie”. Sony expect hackers to open it, and find a way to install many games on it. Something I hope dont happen.