Sony announces the PlayStation Classic


Was PS1 piracy huge in the US? It was in Asia. There’s something appropriate about that.


I had a Korean roommate in college who had a modded PS1. I played Vagrant Story in Japanese. (I can’t read Japanese.)


I had a Chinese buddy in college who had binders of PS1 games he bought in China every time he went home on break. He’d sell them around campus for like $5 each, he paid $1 per game for them in China.


No SSX Tricky or Gran Turismo 2…/cry.


It was massive here, too. Buying second hand PSX systems gives you a rather high chance it was modded pretty much the world over.


Judging by the deep discounts, this isn’t moving units. $60 at Amazon right now.


Quelle surprise.


You got me curious as to what price it was at launch. I went through the thread, and the funny part is that none of us mentioned it. We laughed at the games collection, but no one mentioned the price. Apparently it was $99.99 at launch.


Thing is, with the right collection, that sells.

I bought the SNES classic for full MSRP of $80, and considered it a good value. Even played a bunch with both of my kids.


Yeah SNES has some real great gems. This one… I don’t know what they were thinking. I still have my little compact PS1.


This is the most “yeah, duh” event ever. Early 3D has aged for absolute ass, and Playstation hsa always lived and died on its third-party support.

So, no third-party support and a bunch of early 3D.

If ever you wondered whether the megacorps had a single brain between them or if they were driven strictly by ego, me-too-ism, and hotshot college grads who don’t know any better, well, here ya go.


I would buy this.

I mean, I just got done playing the Steam version of FF9.


I would buy that, too.


PS1 RPGs? I might buy that too. It shouldn’t be 100 though, more like 70-80. I doubt they would do it since they seem to want to remake these or put them on mobile instead.


Yeah, if this had more JRPG classics on it, I would have bought it immediately. Lunar SSSC is one of my favorite games of all time, (not a super popular JRPG) but if it would have been on here, I would have bought this.

Suikoden II, Xenogears, FF8, FF9, FF Tactics, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, SaGa Frontier, Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire 3,4

Lots of awesome JRPGs for PS1. Can’t believe they only got FF7 on the PS Classic, FF Tactics would have been a big add as well.


Most, if not all of those games are available for the Vita which is awesome. Got the Vita last year to replace a PSP that had been behaving strangely and bought a bunch of Vita games for it but find myself mostly playing PSOne titles. Not that it doesn’t have great games available for it but it’s the perfect PSOne machine.

I adored Lunar SSSC, what a fantastic JRPG; no filler - just the right length, perfect pacing, good story, loveable characters. There’s a version that came out for the PSP but that may have been a remake. Not sure how faithful it was to that PSOne version.


Given how many of those games’ IP rights are tied up by the notoriously stingy Square Enix, I don’t know why people are still surprised that they didn’t license anything other than FF7 (a game that’s available on fifty other platforms and that has a big-budget remake in development) for the doomed-to-fail Sony retro box.

We’re talking about the same company that’s so stingy that in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the only content related to their included character is a single stage with two songs ripped straight from their original game, without even including other Final Fantasy characters as spirits, while even the similarly-notoriously-stingy Konami let Nintendo go wild with the new Castlevania characters, stage, and music, the returning Metal Gear Solid content and new music, loads of spirits for both franchises, and even assist trophies for those and for unrelated Konami properties (“Yep, it’s him.”).


It is a remake, and a redub, and I think a re-translation.
Not the same game.


These guys are down to 30$ now in Canada (23$ us)

I don’t think I’ve seen any gaming tech drop that quickly before.


Looks like you missed out on the PSTV fire sales. :)

Although 2 or 3 months to clearance prices is brutal.