Sony announces the PlayStation Classic


Adding stuff was incredibly easy. 5 minutes!
It’s right up there with the C64 mini: Just add games to a USB stick.

There’s a few options. I used “AutoBleem” because I’m lazy. This handles everything else and gets the games ready in the system along with some cool jewel case cover art. Here’s the video I watched beforehand that goes over some features:

The games I’ve added seem to work well, but haven’t spent much time on it. I’ll be back with an update on the weekend comparing it to my actual discs. My friend was downloading stuff from EmuParadise (I thought that was dead) to try with Retroarch on his. It’s… okay? PSP was mostly terrible.



This is what I’ve got in my first box of PS stuff. Say something if anyone would like to know how one works, otherwise I’ll just play whatever :)

Alundra 1 & 2
Beyond the Beyond
Blast Chamber
Blood Omen
Final Fantasy Origins
Final Fantasy Tactics
Gran Turismo
Grind Session
King’s Field
Legend of Mana
Persona 1 & 2
Star Ocean 2nd Story
Steel Harbinger
Twisted Metal 1 & 2
VR Soccer 96



How does it deal with multi disc games?



Doesn’t this handle poorly with the d-pad controller that comes with the PS Classic? I remember they released the first Dual Shock around the time of Gran Turismo release. In fact, that might have been the killer app for the dual shock.



Being able to use the right dual shock stick for gas and brake was a game changer, and was so awesome for GT. Finally having real control over acceleration and braking is one of the things that made me love the early GTs so much, along with the lowbie cars.



We stick all the cd files in the same folder and it should swap between them with the open button on the console.

The other hacks do it in an easier way, and we can also use the shared memory card feature. So for example, a horror fan could have “Resident Evil 2: Leon” and “Resident Evil 2: Claire” on the carousel with different pictures.

It probably does. I’ll give it a try. I don’t remember liking it, never had a dual shock 1.



I really want a Lunar SSSC machine that is more portable than my PS3, and that is a 3 disc-er. If whoever owns the rights to this game is listening, put it out on PC or PS4 please, or for christ-sakes put the iOS port out on something I actually own.



It’s available on PSP and Vita. It is a remake, but reviews were good.



Let me just spin up the PSP and Vita I don’t have, and are no longer in production. But more to the point, it is a remake with really ugly 3dified graphics. :(

The iOS version is apparently a really good port with some uprezzing, and only 7 bucks, but only on iOS. Put it on steam (or android), and I would buy it in a heartbeat.



Hear, hear! Lunar is one of the best of its kind. I’d play the hell out of that again.



Had a great time with my PS Classic tonight.

These games worked almost as good as I remember them:

  • Breath of Fire 3
  • Crash Team Racing
  • Einhander
  • King’s Field
  • Spyro the Dragon

Played around a half hour of each with no problems. The only glitches I noticed were in Einhander, very minor. I’ll be very happy with this machine if more of my favorites work.

Turns out I didn’t make a copy of my Gran Turismo cd to test with. But it seems we can play things with dual shocks or other controllers if we use different hacks to add games.

Lunar is one of the big holes in my collection, can’t compare that one for you. I really regretted not buying that a few times years ago.



Threw ~50 more at it. Most worked great, or good with minor glitches. Three did not:

  • Diablo. Rock8man’s posts in the GOG thread got me excited to play this again. Don’t play the PSX version. It aged horribly. The music also cuts out almost immediately on the classic, which sadly would’ve been the best thing about the game.
  • Legend of Mana. Skips half the frames in combat.
  • Parasite Eve 2.

I also tried the original option in AutoBleem, and it replaced the emulator for the stock games. They played really good now! Any complaints I had would’ve just been nitpicky. R4 & Mr Driller were a lot of fun. Pressing select + triangle opens a menu with options like 2x scaling & scanlines. The community released an update yesterday that bumps it up to 4 different resume points.

Mine’s now the Playstation Classic I was hoping it would be when it was announced, with a 5$ USB drive from Walmart. I’ve already used it more than my Nintendo minis. Definitely worth my 35 bucks - I’m tempted to buy another for the basement.

Talked a bit with the other people I know with one. @JonRowe Lunar apparently works good. RetroArch is decent enough, but not better than a RetroPie yet.



Down to $19.99 in Canada at The Source (formerly Radioshack) which is basically the price of a coffee in US$ and slightly more expensive at BestBuy. I would definitely try and pick one up but I’m out of the country right now.



The games on this just kind of suck. It seems like a lot of folks are picking these up just to tinker and put other software on it.



Yeah, I grabbed one at $35 last week. It’s super easy to use a USB stick and Autobleem to make the emulation better and add your own games.