Sony announces the PlayStation Classic

I never really cared for the Crash games, honestly. They just seem like precursors to all those endless runner games on the iPhone.

Mario 64 still works because of the cartoonish style and because the gameplay is tight. Tomb Raider is janky af and the “realistic” graphics are laughable in this day and age. I don’t think MGS will fare any better, even though I have fond memories of those games.

Was Resident Evil on PS1 or was it PS2?

I just played Warped to 100% (for the fourth or fifth time) just a couple of years ago and IMO they hold up marvelously. The cartoony nature of the graphics means that the limitations of the hardware doesn’t matter much, and the controls are so quick and reactive, it’s still a ton of fun.

I mean, if you put it next to the newest Super Mario game, it’s gonna look pretty dated, I’d assume.

I literally just finished playing MGS and it holds up surprisingly well even in the graphics department. I think the setting really helps since it’s all industrial and with a limited color palette.

Note: I’d never played an MGS game before and the gameplay was fantastic.

Indeed. I have one of those PS1 Portables stashed in the Closet of Forgotten Hardware, and have no urges to fire it up ever again.

The PS2 on the other hand

The Making Crash Bandicoot quasi-novella designer Andy Gavin released on his blog a few years ago was a pretty fascinating read, in part because they were both totally caught off guard by Mario 64. . . and uniquely poised not to look as bad in comparison to it, as their game didn’t attempt nearly the same level of pure 3D freedom, being so much more on rails. This allowed them to guide players through clever level designs and optimize their experiences moment-to-moment in a way that probably wasn’t feasible for M64.

Not that Mario was at all a bad or even lesser game; its accomplishments are pretty extraordinary in retrospect. More than Crash wound up having such a different feel that it’s not impossible to judge it on its own merits, even now.

It’s really a fun read, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill.

I think this thing will do really well. Like the NES/SNES classics are selling to people who don’t own current consoles but fondly remember these games from their childhood. My sisters were literally just talking about how much they loved old games like Crash on Sunday.

The graphics may not technically “hold up”, but PS1 3D had a crunchy charm that the excessively blurry N64 titles lack. They’re gonna put a Tekken on this thing which is still a blast for two players. Lots of games with prerendered backgrounds still looks cool. Many of the RPGs on the PS1 remain incredibly sophisticated and surprisingly modern.

Not in HD or 4k they won’t.

I might buy it if it has Bushido Blade, but I acknowledge that isn’t reasonable or smart.

Did they release the full list of 20 games?

I can’t think of any PS game I’d really want to play again, even less one that isn’t available somewhere else.

Maybe Contra: Shattered Soldier and Parasite Eve?

Relive the moments that changed gaming forever, with the iconic PlayStation Classic – featuring 20 of the best games from the original PlayStation console, including Final Fantasy VII, TEKKEN 3, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash!, Wild Arms and more to be announced.


Also, I feel like Jumping Flash! is an odd choice.

I love Jumping Flash! It’s an odd but awesome little platformer. Of course I’ve still got my old copy, from back when PlayStation games came in those big VCR boxes, but still.

Yeah, to be clear, I’m sure it’s awesome, but it wouldn’t crack the top 50 games that I associate with the PS1, much less 20. But I was pretty out of touch with that generation of consoles, so I may have missed it!

No, I look at that list and it is a pile of uninteresting mostly.

Of course I’ve got my old discs as well so the only game I’d even consider playing? I already have.

They should do the Playstation RPG Classic. The PS Classic but 20 RPGs instead of early installments in series where every iteration is functionally indistinguishable to the next for anyone who isn’t a die-hard fan and who have installments now with faaar better graphics and tech.

No Battle Arena Toshinden, no sale.*

* Haha, no, not really. That was terrible.

Pretty sure you meant to say, “No The Bouncer, no sale!”

They’re saving that for the PS2 Classic.

Wait, was that a PS2 game? My brain thinks of it as a late PS1 brawler.

It was a launch or near launch PS2 brawler.