Sony announces the PlayStation Classic


In your “pet theory” how would you connect multiple controllers minus a central hub, except wirelessly?


You don’t seem to be getting it. The USB storage is built into the controller. It does not block a controller.


You still haven’t answered how the two controllers are connected together.


They connect to the PS Classic. It has two USB ports for controllers. They don’t have to connect to eachother. Do you not remember how wired controllers work?


I am not interested in the PS Classic. I am trying to understand your “pet theory”. I don’t see any benefit in placing the games inside the controller if you need the base station to facilitate the second player, anyway. It sounds silly.


I have no idea what you are talking about. You always have to plug both controllers into the PS Classic if you want to play multiplayer. My pet theory is just that they can use the native USB storage capabilities of the USB ports they are including on the device to upgrade the library by selling new DualShock controllers that plug into the PS Classic and, incidentally, have a flash storage chip inside with a bunch more game on it.


You’d think Sony would want as little complexity as possible in a device that will get thrown against a wall occasionally.


A flash chip is the least likely thing to get damaged by gamer rage.


You have not begun to understand my rage.


Well, then. Will your new console controller cost more than a regular controller without the flash memory?

What if a kid breaks the controller (but the flash chip remains intact)? Will he/she need to buy the whole shebang a second or third time? (If he/she is very destructive.)

Same thing if you ever want to play multiplayer. Your partner will need to buy the complete setup too, or he/she will be unable to play.

What if one player buys a controller with games A, B and C, but his friend buys a controller with games D, E and F? Is the friend screwed?

And what if the kid wants a “complete set” of all controllers? Will he/she end up with half a dozen mostly unused controllers lying around the living room?

Your idea sounds waaaaay too complicated to ever be successful in the market. Or you’re just not describing it very well.


The controller wouldn’t be a console, it would be more games for the console.

It’s certainly more awkward than just selling flash drives but if the Classic only has two USB ports I can see why putting the storage in the controller might be helpful.


Sony would need to redesign everything, so yes it would be a different console. “PlayStation Classic 2” or whatever.

Never mind. I see what you mean.


Anyway, putting the games inside the controller would be more expensive for the customer (you have to buy multiple controllers to get all the games, as well as replace any that break, and also buy the base station) and more expensive for Sony (putting flash memory inside every controller and hoping all of them will be good sellers and not sit on store shelves, versus one extra USB port or even wifi in the base station).


Lastly, I have never seen a USB input device that has its own storage and can transmit files at the same time as perform its normal function. Are there any examples?


No, only one controller needs to have the games. The second player can use the original controller, or a second controller with a different set of games.

I’m not expecting them to sell a ton of different controllers this way, maybe just one DualShock pack with 10 more games built in that highlight analog controls. At most they might do that like twice.

Yes. 8gb of flash is practically free, a wired DualShock 1 is a very simple device to make these days, but the pack would be priced to reflect the inclusion of a bunch of games (like $60 or $80 dollars). It’s an upgrade that lets you experience the originally included games in a new way plus more titles. If people don’t want to lose their games they can be careful with the controller. Same way they can be careful not to yank the console off its perch.

Literally any USB hub circuitry will allow this.


Literally you have not provided an example.




I know they have done that, I am saying that’s not what was being discussed.


I thought Atari did this too, but I was apparently wrong.


Incorporate the guts of a 2 port USB hub inside the controller unit. Wire the flash storage to one port and the USB HID to the other port.



I guess if you can fit an entire console inside a controller, then durability is a non-issue.