Sony Exec - Wii and 360 have questionable price points for the holidays

Did I beat Whitta to this?

It’s all about the PS2. Actual article here.

Full quote:

I will say that this is some rather good spin, but still only spin.

Just want to establish, for the record, that I am not this Sony guy.

No, no. Not a viral marketer with a blown cover here. Look over there! K0NY!

/walk away whistling innocently

PS3 won’t arrive until March? Is this only in Australia or did I miss something?

Also in Europe.

And to note: We didn’t get our X360s in Australia until March this year either. The bastards.

Nintendo counters PS2 with DSLite. Story at 11.

Is this a joke? or is someone at sony seriously criticising other console prices? l33t. I seriously believe that in 5 years time, places like Harvard Business School will teach the PS3 launch as a case study of disastrous product marketing. It’s like watching a billion dollar car crash stretched over a year and a half.

It’s kinda hard to look away, isn’t it? And really, that’s the whole point of successful product marketing.

I don’t even know what to say to that

You say Dave Mirra XXX!

Usually it helps if the attention you get isn’t totally derision and incredulity.

Olestra was hard to ignore. “May cause anal leakage” anyone? Not the best marketing strategem though, except maybe if their target audience was people with poop-chute oriented fetishes.

There may not be such a thing as bad publicity, but there sure as hell is bad marketing.

It’s about the PS2. He is comparing the PS2 and the other consoles.
Spin, damage contro, however you wish to dub it, the article is not about the PS3.

Don’t you people read articles before commenting?

“PS3 - anal leakage for the Next Generation”

Now I have to buy one.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Are you actually saying that Sony execs are sounding like idiots on purpose, so people will be horrified by their marketing techniques to the point of making the marketing successful, and therefore they’re brilliant? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying.

It does make sense though. By that definition K0NY is brilliant.

I would never have bought one anyway, I’m a PC man (tempted by the Wii), but I did find myself chatting to a console gaming (but not hardcore) friend, about what a nightmare the PS3 was likely to be and how they have totally bungled it.
Its never good when people are made evangelists into saying NOT to buy your product.

I wish we could have just locked the thread right there.