Sony pops the top with the PS4

Title Sony pops the top with the PS4
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When June 10, 2013

That's the PS4 pictured above. Drink it in. Sony had their E3 presentation as today, closing out the E3 stage demo rodeo, and they finally unveiled the PS4 hardware..

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I never thought I'd prefer an android phone over an iOS phone, and I never thought I'd prefer a Sony Console over a Microsoft one. I picked up a Galaxy S3 a few weeks back and I cry for my parents who have iPhones. I'll be buying a PS4 on launch date and holding off a while, or forever, on the Xbone. 6 months ago I was going to buy a next gen Xbox on release date and probably never glance a second time at the PS4, even though I have a Vita.

Good for Sony for being the first large company involved in gaming to not be completely trying to screw over consumers.

Nice summary. I hope there's more stuff for the Vita. They did announce Destiny of Spirits earlier today. They ignored the Vita in the indie montage. We already knew Oddworld is coming to the Vita, so that could be true of others too.

Although I'm not wild about paid multiplayer, PS+ is already a really good value for any Playstation 3 owner, a moderate value for Vita owners, and a killer value if you have both. So it doesn't feel to me like you're paying just for multiplayer the way Microsoft's Live does. (A proposition I could never justify with as little as I play multiplayer at all, much less on consoles.) Unless of course they're going to scale back the current PS+ features, but that would be really dumb and Sony's seeming a lot smarter this generation.

It's kind of a canny way to try and entice people to invest in other systems. If you need PS Plus for multiplayer on PS4, and you just happen to be racking up this collection of Vita games from the IGC and you notice all your PS4 games could be remote played, it starts to make the Vita seem like an awesome thing to have.

Pre-orders for PS4 seem to be selling out fast (e.g., Amazon). Perhaps it might be wise now to order two while you still can, then flip the extra one onto E-Bay or Craigslist once it arrives. Step 3: Profit.