Sony Press Conference in One Minute

Thanks to Chris Kohler’s game blog on Wired.

I quite liked it.

Some of my ancestors were in fact eaten by a giant crab, you meanies. :(


LOL, that was awesome.

Ah…Sony at E3 '06, never forget. That will help!


Did the crab guy even read his presentation befrore he went on? Man, with guys like that in charge, gaming is definitely domed!

You have reached YouTube, the premier digital video repository on the Internet. We are currently working on the site.

We’ll be back soon…

The hell…?

YouTube was bought by Blizzard. The plan is to have streaming video for WoW cutscenes for ALL the quests.

The player gets to watch the video after sitting in a queue for 20 minutes. Also, there’s server downtime every Monday, which is what you experienced.

Sony bashing is so original and fun for the whole family! Someone should create a console that only plays anti-Sony propaganda. That would totally own!

It’s called an Xbox.

Similar one here. A bit of overlap, but it includes the famous Warhawk landing sequence.

Is this the place then, that I post that trained chimp from Microsoft dancing for his supper? Watch Petey Moore try to act “off the cuff” and take a few jabs at Sony. Here you go:


Why didn’t anyone tell me Space Ghost was at E3?! I see a clip on there with him doing something for Guitar Hero II. Did he do any more at the show?

No, this is where you should have posted it.

But I already have, so you don’t have to bother.

I’m shocked that no one has accused you of being a Sony shill or viral marketer yet, with your 11 post count and a bunch of them being pro-Sony. You seem to have escaped the fate of a couple of other new members. Good for you!

I wuv Sony. Well, not really. Even Sony’s mother is pining after her lost chance at an abortion. But they’re the only company whose current console I own. (Not counting portables. To clarify, I mostly play PC games but have a PS2 and a GBA.)

I don’t really want a 360. I don’t see myself owning a PS3, though. These “in one minute” things are cute, but the Sony press conference can really be delivered in one number and a footnote. The number is 599. The footnote is Heavenly Sword. Pay Figure A to get Game B? Forget it. I’m content to have my computer be my next-gen gaming platform.

If I get anything, it’ll be a Wii. No question.

I wonder if the guy named K0NY likes Sony?!?!?!

I’m still on the fence.
I’ll probably eventually get a Wii because I want Super Metroid, and some of their new stuff looks pretty good. But also not very new. I was hopeful about the controller before, but now it seems like hope’s all there is to it.
360 I am really impressed with, and I thought XBox was a very bad console. I will get one of those upon a price drop or two.
PS3 looks like shit all over. The games, the hardware, the price - everything looks terrible.

I said there was something seriously wrong with K0NY’s brains in another thread, so it’s not like his insanity has gone completely without comment until now. I am on the cutting edge of internet insults.

Also, the poster’s name is “K0NY.” Viral marketing FTW!

Please, no make fun of the multinational company that makes billions of dollars.

Micro$haft lol