Sony press conference!

PSP to get ps1 emulator.
PSP to get eyetoy support
Downloadable ps1 games for purchase
Ps3 worldwide launch in november.

All from GAF, which is exploding right now.

Yeah, I didn’t get my image done in time. :(

They should have had that ready to roll at launch. Still a good idea, though.

Sony sez 1 million ps3’s a month, total of 6 million sold in 2006.

oh shits my psp might just get some use after all!

Thats hot shit right there.

How does one million units a month for a total of six million units in 2006 fit with a worldwide launch in November? Is this some sort of deal where by 2006 they mean a fiscal year that doesn’t end until March 2007?

Worldwide launch, huh? After all the MS criticism Sony is doing the exact same thing.

How does one release 1 million units per month starting in November and claim sales of 6 million in 2006?

If they get Legend of Mana on there, I’ll have to buy a PSP. :/

The same way one uses the chips in the PS2 to process the power of raw emotion?

I’m assuming they’re talking about releasing 3 million initially or something like that.

So not only will this sell more PSPs, but it will sell more Memory Sticks. Imagine someone downloading Final Fantasy 7.

Very shrewd, Sony.

I would buy another memory stick just for FFT.

Look though knowing sony the emulator will cost 50 bucks and each game will be 40… yeah sure there are a few I would pay 40 for but come on now.

Well, there is more to the world than the US, and I only see Americans agreeing which each other that MS had a bad idea - the rest of the fanbase seems pretty happy to be part of the deal at the beginning for once.

More units avaliable would have been great, but contrary to your belief a great way to solve that, wouldn’t have been screwing Europe… again.

I’m pretty sure the 1 million a month, six million in 2006 is a fiscal thing. Sony’s fiscal year ends in March, so what they are saying is that the expect to produce a million a month starting in October. That’s six months before the end of their “fiscal 2006” year. Assuming a staggered November release, that means about 1-2 million available at launch and 3 million worldwide before Christmas.

If they pull it off that’s much better than 360, which is only at about 2 million shipped now, almost five months after release.

I’d guess a million in each territory x 3 territories x2 months.

IGN is saying 100% backwards compatibility to PS2 and PS1 games and high def support on all of them.

EDIT: Also says 60GB HDD “required” but not saying if it’s included. Interesting. . . .

EDIT EDIT: Online community service at launch, requires HDD, “basic” service to be free.

In the various translations I’ve seen it seems clear the 60GB HDD will be standard and will support linux, which may or may not be preloaded. I wonder if the rumored 100GB upgrade for the X360 stems from an MS attempt to counter the PS3’s superior storage.

My guess on price is still $400.

And as for the production numbers, my guess would be a stockpile of 3-4 million units worldwide at launch, plus a resupply goal to have and addition 2-3 million units shipped before the end of the calender year.

PS3 is teh l33t 4D

Well, the press conference is over. No price announcement, but we probably won’t see that for a while.

The HDD inclusion is a suprise and makes MS decision to not require one look like a very bad decision. Luckily for MS most of their customers were smarter than they were and bought the HDD version anyway. It will be interesting to see if MS quietly phases the non-HDD requirements out now.

If Sony can deliver what they promised today then they are in very good shape as long as the price is competitive.

What exactly a “required” hard drive means is very much unspecified, without knowing that, (& the price) I’m not sure how you can say it makes Microsoft’s decision a bad one.