Sony pushing PS2 online stuff harder

Now they’ve bundled a free online game with the $199 PS2/Network adapter bundle, ATV Offroad. That’s an attractive deal considering that the standalone PS2 is $179. For an extra $20 you get the network adapter and a game. You can also buy the adapter and game bundle for $39 if you already have a PS2.

Anyone know where I can get a list of games for the PS2 that are multiplayer?

Here dirt…

Thanks Benj.

I think I’ll wait to buy the adapter.

Anyone who bought a BBA when they first came out got a free copy of Twisted Metal Black Online. That alone made it a worthwhile purchase for me. Dunno if they’re going to be offering it retail, now that the offer is over.


Big problem for me is the lack of centralize service. I won’t be bothering with a PS2 net adapter unless they come out with a killer app. Right now, whn I buy a Live game I know it will work like all my other Live titles do.

Have there been reports of problems with PS2 games online? I routinely play PC games online without a centralized service. Isn’t EA a centralized service? Isn’t Madden Online a killer app? Everquest? Final Fantasy? What exactly is the Xbox killer app?

SOCOM and Twisted Metal Black Online worked great online through a router that was listed as incompatible with XBox Live. That incompatibility plus a lack of interest in the current crop of Xbox live games (Fuck Mechassault, by the way) have kept me away from XBox Live. Crimson Skies and/or Halo 2 might convince me to upgrade, maybe.