Sony Reader

Anyone actually have one of these?

I’ve looked at 'em briefly, and I’ve read the reviews (which are mostly fairly positive). But I’m wondering how it is to actually read a book on one, and how annoying it is day-to-day? $350 is a bit spendy if it’s a brick.

I am interested too. I was eyeballing it in Borders the other day.

As someone who reads nearly all my books on a pocketpc: I dont get it, this ONLY reads books? $350 is apretty nice pocketpc, they have excellent screens and I get no eyestrain from them (just leave cleartype on and dont turn the brightness all the way up when reading)

Having played with an actual Reader, I “get it”. The display technology they use is way more like reading actual printed paper than any PocketPC reader I’ve ever seen. Whether or not this is a big deal for you is probably pretty subjective, but for me, even though I spend an ungodly amount of time looking at computer screens, I still prefer long reading sessions in paper form. The Reader is a lot more battery-friendly as well since it only consumes power when you’re turning pages. Also the Reader does great in just about any lighting conditions. PocketPCs and laptop LCDs have made big strides, but they can still be a pain in the ass to use outside in heavy sunlight conditions.

Having said all of that, I still am not willing to pay $350 for one and I’m holding out for a price more around $200.

It is all about the screen. I’ve seen them before.

It’s hard to describe for anyone that’s only used to LCDs, but imagine a black and white LCD with a very high contrast ratio that can be viewed at any angle, but has ridiculously slow update speed. It’s great for text.

I’ve used my PDA (Tungsten E2) in the past to read books, and that was ok, but not that great.

If they were cheaper, I’d look at them. They would also, of course, have to be able to display PDFs, HTML, plain text, and RTF, just so I could display whatever I wanted to on them.

I’ll be onboard once they fix the refresh on turning the pages. I looked at some youtube videos of the Sony reader and the black/white shift every time you turn a page would drive me to distraction.

I’ve seen them in person, I still dont ‘get’ the screen. It’s easy on the eyes, yes. But it’s competing with something I’ve alreayd got, that does more, for a cheaper price, and is almsota s easy on the eyes, PLUS it’s competing with books, which are VERY easy on the eyes, and are super cheap. This thing, you dump $350, then buy books at ebook typical pricing? That sucks.

I got one as a gift. The screen is far superior to an LCD but it’s not as contrasty in medium/low light as I would like. I have a PDA that I used to read e-books on, and this display is much, much easier on the eyes. Early on I sometimes went to turn the page as if it were paper. The screen refresh thing doesn’t bother me.

It does do a couple things besides display books: it, uh, plays MP3’s and shows photos, in black-and-white-- well, OK, but it displays books pretty well.

It won’t only show e-books; I’ve put Gutenberg texts on it and I am using it to catch up on my classics. E-book prices are in fact ridiculous; on the other hand they are now giving you $149 in free e-books, which isn’t bad if there are that many books on their list you want to read. Their selection is pretty limited, though.

Theoretically, it will show any PDF, but I haven’t had good success with that.

I think the neatest thing about it is that you can carry around a stack of books on one little device. You can load it up with stuff and have it on the plane and have a choice of things to read. I’m not sure how good it would be with reference material though, since navigation is a little cumbersome.

Basically, I use and I’m glad to have it, but I’m not sure I would buy it for myself at the current price.

I was really going to get one but I am glad I decided to wait. I bought a tablet PC for 500 and I couldnt be happier. Yeah its heavier yadda yadda but its back lit and has a large storage medium.

Oh yeah and it plays games!

i still think i’m going to get one. But I think wait for a hardware revision and a price drop. Sony rarely gets it right in the first go. I imagine the software will improve as well.

Having the screen and the ability to carry around a bunch of books on one device is just too cool.

I just don’t see the incentive until expensive ebooks (e.g., all those technical books I read) are significantly cheaper in electronic form.

$500? do tell! Crazy Gideon or something?

Moore I’ve always been with you. I don’t see why you would pay hundreds of dollars to be able to buy books at normal prices.

Antlers I’m kind of with you, for someone who depended on having lots of books on their person at a time like maybe a researcher or college professor I could see why this would be usefull.

For me though since I pretty much read one book at a time and read it from front to back I don’t see how this saves me any trouble or space.

I would however consider purchasing one of these if in the future your local library is online and you can download any book you want and it expires from your reader in two weeks and gets deleted. I could totally see this working and standing up to court challenges too, the library purchases one E-book and makes sure only one person has the file on their reader at a time.

I didnt buy mine from this site but I found a similar site selling them for 499. The one I bought was factory renewed and it looked nearly brand new.

Honestly 499 is the right price for me for a tablet and this thing does everything I could possibly want. It might be a little heavier then some people like but its really not all that heavy.