Sony sucks balls the size of Los Angeles

I bought the watchmen DVD. Pretty cool right. Tried to play it on my sony laptop hooked up via hdmi to my sony flatscreen. Crashed of course. This was only annoying. The next six hours spent upgrading and rebooting the sony software that the sony updater software forgot to tell me about was fun. Even now, I’m at a point where I can hear audio on the commercials, but my entire sony setup tells me it can’t understand the audio format when trying to play a sony blu-ray disc on my sony setup. Fuck them. Fuck them up their stupid asses.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but the only 100% compatible, fast, and reliable Blu-ray player was the PS3 for the longest time. Blu-ray drives in PCs are notoriously sketch.

I have had a discussion along similar lines with Sony representatives when my Sony Playstation 3 tried to send audio to my Sony Home Theater in a Box system and it kept cutting the signal on the line and the Sony Receiver had to reinitialize the stream so it goes …ll choppy wh…background sound cuts out.

Unfortunately, the answer they gave me was reasonable, and it was that their HT dudes aren’t anywhere near their VG dudes aren’t anywhere near their computer dudes. I guess it’s the same reason why Sharepoint’s webservices don’t behave like you would expect webservices to, despite the fact that webservices are a foundational part of the .NET infrastructure. Very annoying, however.

Man, you wouldn’t believe the amount of trouble I had hooking up my PS3 to a brand new Bravia TV last month. It still won’t work over HDMI!

I truly believe the different departments of Sony Corporation are entirely staffed by different breeds of hamster.

Isn’t there supposedly a lot of rivalry between the different Sony departments? I’ve repeatedly heard stories of other Sony execs holding grudges against Kutaragi and such.

Yea. Howard Stringer went in there trying to fix that. May finally happen after all the layoffs.

The previous blu-ray releases I bought worked just fine, so they’re trying to do BD-Live and a bunch of other junk with this.

Right, because of course the best way to encourage customer loyalty is to ensure their Sony™ products don’t work well together, just like Sony™ employees!

Knowing a few people there, they are trying to fix this problem, where each of it’s limbs do great stuff, but forget to tell the other limbs how to play nicely with it and so no one gets along at all!

Hey man, the movie started it. I was watching Unbreakable in blu-ray just fine the other day.

Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t mean that people aren’t broken.

I watch BR movies on my HTPC, but none of the hardware involved is manufactured by Sony. The HTPC is custom-built, the BR drive is a slimline made by Silverstone, the receiver is a Pioneer, and the TV is a Westinghouse.

So I guess the trick is, if you want to watch a Sony BR movie, don’t use Sony equipment?

I don’t have any trouble whatsoever with my Sony Bravia W4000 connected to my Sony PS3. Can’t imagine why Sam’s setup wouldn’t work over HDMI.

I am totally sure that 99% of Bravia users have no trouble, but mine just says ‘signal not supported’ in Japanese. It’s a European PS3, but that shouldn’t really be an issue with HDMI as far as I’m aware? Anyway, I got it sorted via D-link component and a lot of blind menu fiddling, but on the other hand my 360 automatically detected the display and offered me a choice of resolutions. It’s about the only time I’ve been impressed with its usability, whereas now I’m scared to touch the back of my PS3 again. The TV uses the XMB interface, for Christ’s sake!

I like the TV and the console well enough separately, though, so hopefully the communications thing gets sorted under Stringer. Something tells me I’d have had less problems with a Samsung or something, but xenophobic Japanese retailers don’t tend to stock them…

That’s what I get. Audio signal not supported. I’m running a goddamned stereo setup, something supported from the 50’s. How do you not support that in 2009? Especially since every other movie has no problem with it?

Just picked up this on BR. Absolutely no playback problems on the HTPC.

edit: meant HTPC, not HDTV. Durr. Also BR, not DVD. Double-durr.

Hahahaha! I just got a private message from a sony bot about this thread.

That’s funny! What did the PM say?

Do tell!

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Personal disclosure: by the time I let the Sony Rep TS into my box to try and fix my problem, the original post for the thread was still sitting in the browser.