Sony Takes on the Elite Controller: DualSense Edge $200

I bought a $40 hal controller for the PC. It’s drift proof. Instead the buttons get stuck and auto fire. Can’t win.

I think I didn’t pay enough attention that this was the $200 version thread. I was honestly looking at the regular dualsense which can be had in an ugly color for $60.

Taking another look at this. I notice the (USB Only), but this for specific features only like the adaptive trigger and haptic stuff correct? I’m mostly interested in wireless, and it appears I should have normal functionality without issue via bluetooth connection, is that correct?

edit to say I think I found the answer. I always forget about the wonderful PCGamingWiki, and there was a good amount of this info there.

What is the answer? I’ve only used it wired, since it’s a PC, and I’m sitting right there in an uncomfortable chair next to it anyway.

Oh sorry. Yeah just as I’d expected Bluetooth works fine just doesn’t support advanced features in some games. There’s a full compatibility list in the wiki. I’ll know better later as I’m going to pick one up later today.