Sony to cut 10,000 jobs,+10,000+job+cuts/2100-1041_3-5876454.html

I wonder how this affects Sony’s plan for the upcoming PS3?

Stringer “We must fight like the Sony warriors that we are.”

Jeb Bush ‘‘I rely on Chang with great regularity in my public life. He has been by my side and sometimes I let him down. But Chang, this mystical warrior, has never let me down.’’

They should talk.

haha early 2006. Rite.

Seems unlikely, given how far all the games still have to go. I’m sure they could release the hardware then, but will people have anything to play on it? Then again, that didn’t stop the PS2.

Fiscal 2006?

I almost dead sure its not coming out till november 2006.

…and don’t forget that this new 10,000 job cuts is another addition to the 20,000 job cuts that have already been put into place.

…and won’t the PS3 be sold under its production costs(like most consoles) for the first few years anyway? I don’t see how it’ll help Sony turn up a profit in a near future, unless the royalties they get from the games is more than enough to break even on that account.

Part of this is Sony’s own damn fault. They used to be the standard setter for quality and design in electronics, but now they’re mocked for poor quality in their console manufacturing.

Sony lost its focus on its original market of electronics. Too many times they tried to capture the market for itself rather than simply make the best, most useful products. Betamax, Minidisk, Memory Stick, Atrac3, PSX. Now, its products are stodgy, me-too things rather than the best damn things you can buy. Their VHS decks were outsourced and poor quality. Their support of portable CD players that supported MP3 was too slow, their overall adoption of MP3 was glacial.

And this is from a guy who can think of 7 $100+ Sony products he owns off the top of his head.

Sony always releases in Japan first, as far as I can remember, so the spring launch is probably true for Japan. It’ll be fall in the U.S.


Then I would think they would have had something playable at the TGS as thats about as far out as E3 was for MS this spring from the fall launch of the 360. Hope they don’t think they can get away with a launch like the PS2 was with basically nothing to play. That cut it in 2000 when there was nothing else out there but a dying Dreamcast and people were buying it as a DVD player but won’t now.



Sony’s going to kill itself with the damn Blu-Ray drive. People are not going to be tripping all over themselves to have the opportunity to buy their DVD collections all over again. Seems like MS made the right call by staying with DVD media.

Of course, things could change in the next 5 years…

Seems to me like they didn’t have much of a choice. They’re coming out way to soon to decide on either the underdog or Sony’s preferred standard.

I thought both HD-DVD and Blu-ray technologies are backwards compatible with DVDs?

Kinda. From what I know HD-DVD can read DVDs with the same laser but Blu cant and it needs a second laser to do the DVD reading.

I expect Blu-Ray will have a big influence on my purchase decision. I want more HD content.

Well that’s crap. I’m gonna PS3 as soon as a few killer games come out regardless of the PS3 tech specs but I’m not going to use it for a DVD player unless it can play traditional DVDs. Ditto for any DVD players I might consider purchasing in the future. I don’t mind buying newer movies in a newer format but I’m not going to give up compatibility with my existing movie library.

Well they will have to have the second laser in the PS3 inorder to support Ps2 / ps1 games.

I thought they said the PS3 would be compatible with PS2 games but not PS1 games?