Sony to get an Emmy for the Sixaxis - This is surprising considering that the Wii controller is more advanced and ground breaking than the Sixaxis. Then again awards are as much about politics as they are about merit.

Utterly absurd.

Note that Nintendo did not participate in CES, which was a prerequisite for consideration for this award.

Really? Where did you find this info?

Nope, no Nintendo.

I’m not seeing a rule that you need to be a part of CES for a prerequisite, but one of the rules states:

  1. Submit a five to seven minute excerpt from your program which best
    demonstrates your work. For two screen applications or work that crosses
    platforms (example: PDA’s, TV/PC, Videogame/Internet, etc.) you may
    composite both screens together. A PowerPoint-style presentation of the
    application is also acceptable where appropriate. (When submitting a
    PowerPoint presentation, entrant must include 50 copies of the deck with
    the application). VHS, DVD+R or DVD-R are the preferred formats for
  2. A description of the submitted work, 200 word maximum. Alternatively,
    you may composite a demonstration video that describes the experience of
    the work. Five to seven minutes in length. VHS, DVD+R or DVD-R are the
    preferred formats for videos.
    We strongly recommend submission of both types of videos for

Nintendo might not have even applied.

Sony: winning awards for just showing up.

You can see the CES lineup here:

Click on “View the Exhibitor Lineup.” It’s kind of a messy directory, but Sony’s there, Nintendo isn’t.

After searching a bit, I guess I can’t find concrete info on whether participation was necessary for consideration in the award, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given the way these things usually work.

Edit: Beaten so hard.

When reached for comment Nintendo President Satoru Iwata replied “Don’t care… too busy rolling around naked in our brand new money!!!”

The new 2007 CES… now with less credibility!

I don’t know if CES gets less credibility, but it sure doesn’t give any special credibility to the National Television Academy for anything besides the soaps.

If Nintendo didn’t show up and/or didn’t apply, why would that give CES less credibility?


Nintendo’s own fault for not paying attention then.

Who even knew there was an Emmy for video game hardware?


Because Nintendo didn’t bother to show up and/or apply.

  • remove rumble
  • totally screw up the triggers
  • stick in faulty random disconnecting blue tooth tech
  • stick in “revolutionary” gimmicky tilt controls that are currently nearly worthless and was developed ages ago.
  • win an award.

I guess ces plays in sony’s world.

I really can’t imagine that Nintendo even applied. Someone at Sony probably just thought, “hey, I can’t imagine anyone else is going to campaign to win an Emmy” and made a great case for “innovation” or something. The folks who processed/decided on the awards were probably just swayed by whatever was submitted in the application.

Why should you have to apply? Plenty of magazines and TV shows give out awards without anyone having to “apply.”

You forgot “Battery that can’t be replaced”. The triggers don’t bother me anymore, I got used to them and they actually feel more precise than the 360. I wouldn’t give this very “average” controller any awards though.

That’s fine and all… but that’s “plenty of magazines and TV shows”… not “organized awards event,” which almost always require some sort of submission process.