Sony to get an Emmy for the Sixaxis

Do I have to apply for the Nobel prize? No! They just happen to know I’m good. Damn good.

Um, you do need to apply. Sort of. You need to be nominated, and you can’t self nominate. There are deadlines on when the nomination paperwork needs to be submitted.

What, my paper on “Hypertrophic Myeloma in Subcutaneous Phat among Badonkadonks” is not enough?

Not intrinsically. Someone will need to be asked to nominate, and then they’ll need to decide your paper merits nomination.

So now you know why your phone doesn’t ring when they announce the awards each year.

Well daaaammmnnnn!

I won Person of the Year from Time, this Nobel stuff should be a snap.

You did not! I did. They had my picture and everything!

Stop telling lies

I don’t where you bought your crapass Hong Kong ripoff copy, but mine had my picture on it. I saw the damn thing every time I looked at it.

Damn good likeness too.

Turns out Nintendo won as well for the Wii-mote, but weren’t as snappy with the press release, so Sony got all the hate:

Sony Lied Again!

Good god.

Someone needs to tell Sony they’ve already won the Guiness record for most consecutive fuck-ups by a major corporation. They can stop now.

They won for the D-Pad, not the Wii remote. I’m not sure that the D-pad was a Nintendo innovation, but I’m not sure what, aside from analog buttons, was so innovative about the Dual Shock.

Turns out Nintendo won as well for the Wii-mote

Unless I misread your link, that looks like they are instead being awarded for the original D-pad. Isn’t that, oh, almost 25 years ago? That’s like awarding Ford for the Model T in 1950.