Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 question

OK - purchased Vegas Studio 9 Platinum to replace my old Magix warhorse and move into the 21st Century. Installed no problem, with the Architect 4.5.

So I need to make a simple video but quickly - all I need to do is combine two video clips of about 30 minutes each. So I pulled each file down to the edit lines, one behind the other, everything looks fine, plays fine in the program. No editing at all - I just put them down there and then hit the Make Movie button. I get to the box that shows the Video and Audio file paths, and when I hit “next” it the bix just flickers and stays there (i.e. it does not go to the next step.)

I am very frustrated. I went back and rendered the file first, no problem. What else do I have to do for the Make Movie button to actually complete the steps and let me burn this???

EDIT _ this can be deleted, went back to basics and did an uninstall, reinstall, and it works. No idea why the first install didn’t work - but nothing to see here…