Sony Walkman - 40th Anniversary

I sorta want one for the nostalgia value, I wonder what they will cost.

I saw a very nice cassette Walkman at The Goodwill Store several years ago. Wish I had bought it.

I never had a proper Walkman, though I had several portable cassette players. I still have one of them, though I’m not sure it works anymore. In general, cassette decks seem to break down over time much more consistently that other audio tech, or so I’ve found with mine. Record players are much hardier.

Also, from the article:

If you had a music player before you had a smartphone, it’s likely it was a Walkman.

This is a weird statement, in that it jumps several generations of technology. What about portable CD players? What about MP3 players?

Yeah but those portable turntables skipped like mad especially when you took them jogging.

Maybe you just weren’t cleaning yours enough. :)

This is what I had in the 80s. I bought it in the Sungei Wang plaza in KL and it was the dogs bollocks.

I have some MD recorders. Don’t forget those.

I was going to be a Goa/Psytrance DJ. It didn’t pan out.

I totally forgot about minidiscs!


It’s never too late!

The history of my portable music, 1986 to today.

That Walkman > 3-4 generic high street branded cassette players which all broke. I went everywhere with a rucksack full of mixtapes and my walkman right up to the end of the 90s > 25 quid portable CD player which although was old tech at that point still skipped and ate batteries and was just awful > 6GB Rio Carbon > 32gb ipod nano which i loved but that broke > to this

8gb + 32gb card, 24+ hours battery life. I use it for commuting, and will leave it playing all day whilst working and only charge it every few days. Weighs next to nothing. It clips to my courier bag which i go everywhere with or fits in my shirt pocket. If bluetooth worked (you cant put a pin in so cant use it in my car) it would be better but its the best music player ive ever had. It cost 25 quid.

Nearly bought one of those creative portable HD players at one point heh, like a brick you had to lug around that could hold a dozen albums

edit: had some audio engie friends and one of them had a portable DAT player and wins the obscure format prize

I had one of those Sony Sports walkmans briefly, but I wasn’t a fan; cheap and plasticky. Before that I had an Akai brand “portable cassette player” which was far sexier, but alas it was not immortal.

My Aiwa portable DAT was much cooler; sounded spectacular compared with everything else, but I used it for writing and recording music which is the market it had most success in. This photo makes it look pedestrian, but it was anything but.

I still have it somewhere packed away. It may even still work.

Also with the retro-chic, I have a working Sony Professional Walkman. It’s a chunky boi (sorry, I went there), but still sounds good. I used it mainly for bioacoustic work because it maintains a strict playback speed unlike most cassette players which change speed with battery charge.

Today I still use my trusty Sandisk Clip mp3 player. It always sounded far better than music from my phone, although the difference is less noticeable now (maybe my hearing is getting worse!).

I bought a NWZ-A818 year ago, loved it. Still have it. I went to replace it and was just so disappointed at the storage offerings and difficult to find Bluetooth features, at the time.

I had a cassette Walkman, and switched to a Sony G-shock CD player. It skipped less madly than a cheap portable CD player I had received as a gift. I picked up a Diamond Rio PMP300 mp3 player when those came out. Skipping problem solved,

I have several Sansas, but IIRC Sandisk lost a parts supplier at some point and the newest versions have taken a few steps backwards.

I don’t really mind anymore since I have a spare phone that can serve the same function.

I installed Rockbox on mine, it’s far superior to the vanilla UI. It occasionally crashes the unit when I connect it to my laptop, but it’s worth that minor hassle. Pity to hear the later versions dropped the ball, I’ll take more care of this one then!