Sony, Warner, EMI, and Universal Sued for Copyright Infringement

Well, isn’t it ironic? The Canadian record labels have been hit with a lawsuit because they have been selling copyrighted music and not paying for it. Apparently, it’s been common in Canada to issue compilation albums without properly licensing the material and then just figuring that it can be dealt with later. Except it isn’t in the interest of the record companies to actually deal with it, so the task is left undone and the money that is owed doesn’t get paid.

Here’s hoping they’re hoisted by their own petard. A $60 billion judgment would be hilarious.

I would certainly cheer such a verdict. Good for the artists standing up for their rights!

That’s pretty goddamn funny. They are going to have a hard time arguing that the statutory damages are unfair.

This is absolutely beautiful.

Somewhere a lady who was fined 1.92 million for pirating 24 songs is laughing her ass off.


They’ll settle, but I’d love to see this thing go all the way with max damages applied. It’d be a fitting punishment.

It’d be funny if some stupid loop hole related to the blank media tax in Canada get’s this dismissed. I still want that tax repealed or have the music publishers be forced to set up a free server where I can download whateverthefuck I want.

Man, they are sooooooooo screwed right now. There goes our recording industry down the shitter.

I’ve always been always leery of these compilations that keep coming out for some reason, and now I have my reason. Wow. They’re stupid.

Every game music remix album follows this business model. They don’t pay for licensing, they just take a portion of the proceeds and leave them in a bank account. If the copyright holders come calling, they cut them a check (afaik it’s never happened).

Granted those are arrangements, not the original recordings. So that’s a bit different.

Not really, though.

Love this. It’s poetic justice. I hope the plaintiffs get their punitive damages.