Sony's Phil Harrison: We love Nintendo, too!

This is getting better and better. In a GamePro interview, Sony’s Phil Harrison countered Microsoft’s Peter Moore by declaring his own undying love for Nintendo!

“I think Peter Moore is exactly right. I think Nintendo will be the second system consumers purchase after PlayStation 3.”

“I haven’t had a chance to check out the Wii myself, but Nintendo has a great history of innovation and has always done great things for gaming and long may they do so. But as it relates to our strategy they are very much in a different market.”

“I know what Peter was getting at with his price point issue but he’s not comparing apples to oranges. He’s not even comparing the same kind of food products at all. It’s clearly a case that PlayStation 3’s price is justified by PlayStation 3’s value. That’s what consumers base their purchasing decisions on – value.”

“What we have in addition to a great game system is a Blue Ray player, a network platform, a new controller, and HDD in every system combined in an unbelievably compelling package. And frankly I’m amazed that we can do it so cheaply.”

Harrison also claims that the tard pack will be able to show movies in 1080p over its analogue output, and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Um?

The Emporer DOES have clothes! I SWEAR!

I don’t remember the exact thread over at avsforums, but IIRC the real issue isn’t that 1080p cannot be shown over component – it can. But HDMI implements HDCP, which allows content protection. Studios have the option of refusing to deliver high-def signals over component. So far, none of the movie-makers seem to have done so, but… the situation makes people nervous. HDMI is seen as insurance that even if the studios get more restrictive, your movies will still play with a high-def signal.

Studios will only fuck over their customers (with HDCP) once a reasonably large number of people have bought into the “hey, it works with component, yay!” systems currently available.

If Sony throws in a “Free Wii with every PS3!” then I’ll buy…

No kidding.

I’d just as soon buy a Wii and not have to find a place for an 11 lb PS3.

Like eBay?