Sony's version of Achievements: "Entitlements"

Yeah, it really does. The truth will set us free.

Absolutely true. But how much of an effect? My guess… minimally. Afterall, we all jumped on “Goombahs” and “Magic Mushrooms” and had no problem with that.

Either way, something tells me that like the Batarang controller, Entitlements will go the way of the dodo and we’ll end up with something like Victory Points or Triumphs or Gaming Feats or Blue Ray Bonuses…

Or… Achievements.

Enemy Crab Legs?

1000 Gamerpoints = 1 free download for your Zune, in one year’s time.

And Nintendo naming the next console the “Wii” had aboslutely no impact in the gaming marketplace.

While I think everyone would agree that’s a great idea, hacking would become a serious issue.

And I wonder how those indie publishers would feel about someone getting their game for free simply by unlocking stuff in Madden.

(Edit: Who wants to police the number of gamerscore points that are acceptable to hand out, and the difficulty required to justify free games? The only solution is to let you cash them in for some of that useless crap, like new icons and themes. Yay.)

I suspect Microsoft and its lawyers would take a different view.

It wouldn’t be copyright in that context, it would be trademark. And a merely descriptive word like “acheivement” would have very weak, if any, protection. Now, Gamerpoint/Gamerscore is a different matter.

More likely, Sony wants to copy MS’s concept without looking like they are directly copying. Which is fine, it’s a good idea and should be copied.

And instead of Xbox Live they’re calling it PlayStation Gamer’s Welfare.

I want free WiiPoints so I can get weird stuff on the virtual console.

I’m sorry, but, with as much stuff as Microsoft as copied over the years, I’m like “whatever” on this one.

I don’t think people are complaining so much about the copying but rather Sony’s stupid name for it.

Yes the Name is what makes this So funny.

Besides MS coppied from CoH/CoV Badges

As many people already said, if this doesn’t involve some sort of redemption prize or reward, the name makes no sense and kinda makes them look…well…stupid for using it.

Maybe they need a dictionary at Sony?

IF they do plan to offer rewards/prizes for these points, I’d understand…

Actually, Ad Hoc and Infrastructure are what the wireless standards call the two modes, that has nothing to do with Sony.


Sony is idiotic. Thats all I have to say.

If you get cheap points can you call them “welfare?”

Just watch out for the occasional “accidental” short circuit to said ring.

They’re still dumb names that have no meaning to people.

Hmm, I wonder if David Dingwall will get a PS3? (Sorry, might be obscure if you’re not a Canadian politics watcher.) “I’m entitled to my entitlements!”