Sore back

Yeah yeah - another “see a doctor” thing.

But I really don’t think that’s called for in this case - I’m just looking for home remedies, basically.

We had a lot of snow this weekend, and I got a sore back - I think mainly because of snow shoveling, but I also took the kids sledding twice and had a few rough rides that may have contributed.

I get a sore back once in a while - perhaps every year or two, but this time it’s worse than normal. When I get up after spending a long time at the computer I’m walking like an old man - bent over and moving slowly.

I’ve been taking a lot of Advil, and tried to use a heating pad for most of the day yesterday, but neither of those really worked well.

I would imagine things will get better in a few days, but I’m looking for suggestions to either speed the process or mitigate the discomfort in the meantime.


You’re falling apart, Phil.

You could always amputate.

Yeah - all you young whippersnappers on these forums. Just wait until you’re the ripe old age of 38. I shake my cane at ya!

I get a sore back now and then from work. I take ibuprofen and get someone to rub biofreeze on the sore parts.

I don’t think it’s sold in stores. I’ve purchased it from a massage therapist and my chiropractor. It works really well. It’s kind of like icy-hot x1000, but it doesn’t smell as bad and the smell gradually vanishes after you put it on.

I’ve also had luck with massage and trigger point therapy. My chiropractor does this often instead of adjustments if I have a sore back that’s not related to something being out of place.

14 months!


Stretching, and rest. That’s what I do for a sore back.

What Tim said. Leave it alone for two days and you’ll be fine. Afterwards, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain a level of fitness above what you normally do.


Hahahah. He said you’re out of shape. But he said it nicely.

Try aleve. It works much better than advil. If it doesn’t go away after a couple of days, go to a doctor.

Not to make you feel any more decrepit, Phil, but my dad made that switch a few years ago for back pain and he swears by it. He’s in his 60’s, by the way.

Alleve never does the trick for me with back pain. Doane’s or Bayer Back Pain relievers tend to work better.

I’m 38 as well, and I’m currently under the influence of “snow induced back pain” as well, Phil, so welcome to the club.


I hear breast reduction surgery could help.

Failing that, once the pain is gone I’d recommend exercising your back muscles on a regular basis to prevent future back pains.

First use your legs not your back when lifting/shoveling. didn’t you learn anything in HS health class?
Big fan of Advil, and heat for tight muscles, ice for anything else.
Also, if you don’t want to walk around with a heat pad, go with icyhot or tiger balm. Tiger balm is stinky though.
Strech a few times a day, and don’t stay immobile, get up and at least walk around.

Yeah, Tiger balm helps (though stinky) in the short term. But in the long run I, and Phil, and others like us need to exercise and build up our stomach muscles which help in maintaining good back health.

Advil, other muscle relaxants, heating pads, massages from a spouse.

Also, shovel smaller piles of snow. Lots of people die of heart attacks every year because they suddenly start shoveling tons of snow after pushing a desk the entire year.

You all seem to be assuming that I am not a muscle-bound stud who works out daily and is very well toned.

Correct assumption, but still, I’m a little hurt…


Anything with capsaicin. If you don’t like hot and/or spicy foods try using capsules instead. You might be able to find some creams/balms to use on muscles.